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My Black Patent Leather Shoes

Our farm was the only one between Northcote and Humboldt in the very early years. The highway was the famous Minnesota mud which frequently stopped motorists in their old-fashioned cars but it lead into Canada and available liquor.

This particular day in the spring of 1926 a car heading into Manitoba became bogged down in the mud. As usual my dad hitched up a team of horses and went to pull them out. He sensed they were cold and hungry, so, bootleggers or not, he invited them into our home to warm up. Mother made a hot meal while they visited. Never willing to miss any excitement I had to be there listening and they were glad for the diversion of having this little girl present. They apprciated the kind and friendly treatment and paid dad some money, then handed money to me which we spent on new black patent leather shoes. What a treasure for this little girl!

Money was scarce and I being a curious kid was well aware of it.

Margaret M Patzer 12-19-02