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Red River Valley Memories

The idea for this page evolved out of email conversations between Michael Rustad and Dennis Matthews. The page is for anyone who would like to share their memories of the Red River Valley. Pages have been created for the individuals on the following list which will allow room for additional memories to be added from that person as they are recalled. You are invited to have a page created and added to the list for your memories and it is not necessary to send elaborate information on the memories. Information in any form is acceptable. Casual stories, informal bits and pieces, essays, or anything will work just fine.

Aldinger, Elizabeth


Baldwin, Cynthia

Baldwin, Mark

Boatz, Dave

Boatz, Dorothy

Clow, Scott

Giffen, Duane

Giffen, Ralph

Lovejoy, Tom

Matthews, Dennis L.

Merck, Ed

Meagher, Jamie Rustad

Moris, Janine Rustad

Motschenbacher, Mary (Boatz)

Patzer, Margaret (Matthew)

Payne, Paula (Ott)

Rustad, Alfred Jr. (Rustee) and Pat (Carrigan) Rustad

Rustad, Anthony (Tony)

Rustad, Michael

Short, Harriet Fitzpatrick

Skogen, Rosemary Matthews


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Please send memories to:

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Sammamish, WA 98074

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