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Michael Rustad Memories

11th Grade

1965 - 1966


Pius Lacher was Superintendent and Gene Kjellberg Principalmy junior year. Myron Albrecht and his wife Bernadine were new facultymembers. Bernadine taught home economics. Albrecht played varsity baseballat UND and taught social studies, physical education and coached. Thiswas the first year without Harold Borg who became a teacher in Red LakeFalls. We all missed Harold Borg. He was a cheerful presence and alwaysoptimistic about life. Another new teacher was Thomas Kline who taughtmath. Dwight Westman headed the Music Department. Our guidance counselorwas Jack Uhas. I remember going over tests with Uhas and he told me thathe did not think I would be good engineering material. Another new teacherwas Virigina Ott who transferred from the Hallock school district. Mrs.Ott was our librarian and taught English. She also started a debate teamthat year. John Schmidt replaced Abelson as our science teacher. Schmidtwas a resident of Argyle and engaged to marry.

The seniors that year were Margaret Ryan, Richard Anderson,Joyce Finney, Dick Dykhis, Margie Twamley, Elaine Surface, David Boatz,Jeff Lofberg, Tom Brown, Cheryl Easeter, Ruth Seed, Louise Weir, Linda Anderson,Janice Bahr, Sharon Short, Russ Symington, Ed Lenz, Robert Ward, Jane Clow,and Arne Anderson. Arne Anderson was student council president. Jane Clowwas editor of the Border Scoop. The Border Scoop was the school's newspaper. There was always a special spring edition in which juniors each wrote abyline on a graduating senior. Another edition reported on all of the footballscores. I was the sportswriter and traveled with the football team my JuniorYear. It was very difficult to find anything positive to write about eitherthe 1965-66 football team or basketball team.

The 1965-66 football team had a perfect record: all defeats. Arne Anderson was voted an all conference offensive back. Tom Brown washonorable mention. We only played four games and canceled the rest of theseason due to injuries. We lost to Badger, Pembina, Hoople and Hallock'sjunior varsity. The Coach of this team was Pius Lacher. Seniors on theteam included Co-Captains Tom Brown and Arne Anderson. David Boatz, RobertWard, Jeff Lofberg, and Richard Dykhuis were also graduating seniors onthe team.

The roster was decimated by injury and the last few gamesof the season were not played. Richard Dykhuis, James Wiese, John Bergh,Arne Anderson, Tom Brown, Robert Ward, John Finney, Dan Ingeman, Lenny Jerome,Dan Finney, Brad Hemmes, Craig Olson, Ron Baldwin, Ralph Giffen, Scott Clow,Lee Jerome, David Boatz, Jim Ingeman, Alan Anderson, Jerry Bernath, JeffLofberg and Larry Olsonawski played on this team. The only positive pointthat could be made was that the team had a number of young members who latercomposed the core of Humboldt's best team in history, 1968-69 team.

The 1965-66 basketball team was also terrible. Our onlywin was a non-conference game against Hamilton. We were only marginallybetter than the 1964-65 team. Arne Anderson was the center on this team. Dan Ingeman and John Bergh were starting forwards. The guards that sawthe most playing time were Tom Brown, Jeff Lofberg, Ron Baldwin and LennyJerome. The only thing I can remember about that long season was sittingat the end of the bench joking with Ralph Giffen and flirting with the opposingteam cheerleaders. Our roster had some tall players but we did gell asa team at all. Mike Rustad, John Finney, John Bergh, Arne Anderson, TomBrown, Robert Ward, Dan Ingeman, Alan Anderson, Ralph Giffen, Jeff Lofberg,Jim Ingeman, Ron Baldwin, and Lenny Jerome were "A" team members.

Many games were lost by 30 or more points and Mr. Albrechtkept his starting five in the line-up the entire game. It was not a lotof fun. I also remember doing a lot of man killers which were an excercisethat frequently made some of us sick. We sometimes practiced basketballin our boots to improve our jumping material. Another excercise was topass a very heavy medicine ball around. I did learn how to throw a baseballpass pretty accurately that year. The B team players that year includedLee Jerome, Tony Rustad, Craig Wiese, Jim Wiese, Brad Hemmes, Scott Clow,Ronnie Gatheridge, Marshall Hemmes, Jim Ingeman, John Finney, Alan Anderson,Tim Clow, and Dan Finney. The B team had a better record than the A team.

The cheerleaders were Marylys Diamond, Ethel Finney, MargieTwamley, Linda Stewart, and Renee Jerome. The B cheerleaders were Deb Gooselaw,Delores Diamond and Linda Diamond. Mrs. Albrecht organized a pep clubconsisting of all of the other girls in the high school. They wore ribbons. Beth Boatz, Diane Giffen, and Mary Boatz were active in the pep club

Louise Weire was elected home-maker of tomorrow. Homecomingin 1965-66 was much like other years. Margie Ryan was queen and Arne Andersonwas elected king. The rest of the royal family: Dick Dykuis, Margie Twamley,Joyce Finney, Tom Brown, Lois Ward, Clara Twamley, Eva Voit, Bruce Ash,Donna Easter, Debbie Gooselaw and Doris Giffen. Becky and Linda Stewartplayed the accordian at homecoming. The vocalists that performed at Homecomingwere Cynthia Baldwin, Cathy Kennedy, Betty Short and Margo Baldwin. I wasthe Master of Ceremonies for Homecoming that year because I was the StudentCouncil Vice President. My cousin Leslie Turner played the Recessionalfor the Royal March. As usual, the Letterman Mothers prepared the homecomingfeast. Hazel Lofberg, Joyce Baldwin, Dotty Boatz, and Dale Finney werejust a few of the Mothers who fed us during Homecoming festivities. Thesophomore and freshmen floats tied for first place. I rode on the Juniorfloat dressed in a suit: All the Way with HHS. Our slogan was a takeoffof All the Way with LBJ. Needless to say, our politically-oriented floatfinished last, even below the seventh graders.

Pius Lacher left to become an administrator at the Universityof Minnesota before the school year was completed. O.A. Roberts filledin as activing superintendent.

Cynthia Baldwin was a soloist that year accompanied bySusan Finney, pianist. I remember that the sophomore boys formed a singinggroup called the Greenhorns or the Green Mountain Boys. Randy Reese, JayHoglin, John Finney and Alan Anderson were in the boys quartet. The trumpetquartet featured Lois Ward, Tom Brown, Carolyn Loer and Ron Baldwin. Mrs.Albrecht also formed a Future Homemakers of America Chapter. Renee Jeromewas elected President. Other members were Ethel Finney, Carolyn Wiese,Jan Armstrong, Virginia Seed, Cindy Olsonawski, Becky Stewart, Joyce Finney,Linda Stewart, Becky Clow, Sharon Short, Adele Hoglin, Barbara Bostrom,Cheryl Twamley, Pamela Ness, Janice Bahr, Elaine Surface, Betty Short, MaryBernath, Margie Twamley, Marlys Diamond, and Margie Twamley. Janice Armstrong,Carolyn Wiese and Janice Bahr were the delegates to the state FHA convention.

Our school taught adult or continuing education courses. Lacher taught a course in bookkeeping. Harold Finney and Earl Bahr weretwo of Lacher's students. Mrs. Schmidt taught a course in modern math. Mrs. Roberts taught office practice. Mrs. Albrecht taught sewing and Mr.Petrusic taugh a shop class. The continuing education program resultedin the formation of a writing club with members in Hallock, Humboldt, andPembina.

Mrs. Ott, Gloria Swanson, Dotty Boatz, and Mr. Keller fromPembina were stalwarts from this writing class. The adult writing classresulted in a number of Humboldt residents finding their works into print. Mrs. Ott and her co-author Gloria Swanson wrote an excellent biographyof Casey Jones, a Hallock inventor and entrepreneur. Mrs. Ott has written4 other books and continues to be a popular speaker and writer in the Omaha,Nebraska area.

My Mother published several stories. One of my favoritestories was an article entitled Jamie's lamb. This short story was publishedin Today's Farmer. It was a sweet little tale of how my sister raised anorphaned lamb. Jamie's lamb would follow her around the farm much like adog. It was a smart lamb that soon grew into a big sheep. We kept Sparklesfor her entire life. She could open the barn door with her nose and oftenenjoyed the dog's food. The dog was no match for Sparkles' head-buttings!

Mrs. Boatz continues to have a large number of publishedwritings. Many of her articles are reproduced elsewhere on the Red RiverValley Page under the Red River Valley Memories page. Many of Mrs. Boatz'sstories are about a member of the class of 1966, David Boatz. David Boatzwas a memorable character and a source of a lot of good fun. See Mrs.Boatz's columns for more on Dave's personality and character.

Another memory I have of the Class of 1966 is that ourschool year was interrupted by floods. The school was let out so we couldhelp sandbag in Noyes, St. Vincent and Hallock. We lost lots of schooldays that year due to flooding and snow storms.

My favorite memory was the debate team. My debate partnerin 1965-66 was Cynthia Baldwin. The other half of the team was Sharon Shortand Margo Baldwin. Cathy Kennedy was also on the team.

Our debate topic that year was: "Should the federalgovernment adopt a system of compulsory arbitration in labor managementdisputes in basic industries?" We debated the affirmative side withsome success. We debated in tournaments in Detroit Lakes, Ada, Roseau andthe Regional. In addition, we had round robin debates with Lancaster andHallock. Hallock had a strong debate team. Vicky McVean and Gail Nordlingwere frequently paired against Cynthia and myself. We won a number ofour debates and when we lost it was usually by a 2-1 margin. The only exceptionwas one of our first debate tournaments in Crookston. We were debatingCrookston Central a debate powerhouse. Tom Peterson was captain of theCrookston team and asked Cynthia and I if we had any objections if theytaped the debates. We were delighted. After my weak opening affirmativespeech Crookston turned the machine off. We lost 3-0.

Debate was a sound learning experience. We learned howto develop an argument and research a complex topic. I did much of my researchat the University of North Dakota Chester Fritz Library because our librarywas substandard. Mrs. Ott made a number of improvements in the libraryduring her stint. She ordered many articles and books related to our debatetopic.

We improved rather dramatically and had lots of fun indebate. During the previous Spring, our speech team again won the subdistrictbut narrowly lost to Newfolden that year. The District 32 competition washeld at Humboldt. Sharon Short and I were winners of the discussion competitionand competed in the Regional Competition. Sharon won the regional competitionand I was the alternate. Jackie Wiese, Susan Finney, Sharon Short, TomBrown, and I were regional contestants in 1963-64's team.

The topic of discussion that year was: "Is the AmericanHigh School Curriculum in Need of Modification?" I thought that significantreform was needed.

Cynthia Baldwin placed in the top 10 at the InternationalFalls meet in 1964-65. Sharon Short, Janice Bahr, Cynthia Baldwin, JoyceFinney, Jan Armstrong, Tom Brown and Mike Rustad represented Humboldt atthe International Falls Invitational Tournament. Cynthia and Sharon Shortwere the captains of our speech team and received the trophy on behalf ofthe school. I think that it was a blessing that Humboldt-St. Vincentexcelled in speech and debate rather than athletics during my high schoolyears. This small school produced more than its share of professors, teachers,lawyers, and other professionals. I think that our excellent speech programcoached by Martha Roberts and the debate team coached by Virginia Ott playeda significant role in our education.

We had a school-wide competition to determine who wouldrepresent Humboldt in the sub district. Linda Diamond, Linda Stewart, SusiStewart, Sharon Short, Jance Bahr, Jan Armstrong, Ralph Giffen, Marlys Diamond,Jim Wiese Mike Rustad, Jay Hoglin, Tom Brown, Randy Reese, Susan Finney,Cynthia Baldwin, Elaine Surface, Deloros Diamond, Diane Giffen, Cathy Kennedy,Margo Baldwin, Alan Anderson, Carolyn Wiese and Alan Anderson representedHumboldt in 1963-64. Humboldt won the district tournament the next year,1964-65.

The 1964-65 team consisted of Margo Baldwin, Mary Bernath,Carolyn Wiese, Jan Armstrong, Ethel Finney, Clara Twamley, Cheryl Twamley,Marge Twamley, Lois Armstrong, Lois Diamond, Cathy Kennedy, Janice Bahrl,Sharon Short, Marlys Diamond, Mike Rustad, John Finney, Linda Stewart DoloresDiamond, Tony Rustad, Jim Ingeman, Randy Reese, Brad Hemmes and Alan Anderson. Marlys Diamond, Brad Hemmes, Sharon Short and Linda Stewart competed inthe regional. The International Falls team consisted of Sharon Short, LoisArmstrong, Alan Anderson, Craig Wiese, Randy Reese, Tony Rustad and MaryBernath.

The 1965-66 school year was the beginning of the mini-skirtera. Eye-catching designs did not reach Humboldt. Most students wore sensibleblack-framed glasses and were not on the cutting edge of fashion. Thiswas the hey day of the Vietnam War. I cannot remember one student demonstratingcriticism of the Vietnam War during 1965-66. Our Space Program was in itsgolden age. Edward White stepped from his Gemini IV capsule after a 3 1/2day orbital flight. Pope Paul VI was the first pope to visit the U.S. andspoke at the UN General Assembly. I have no present memory of the nationalnews other than seeing the grim reminders of an escalating war. I do rememberfollowing the Civil Rights Movement closely and discussing the need forracial justice with my parents. My most vivid memories are of classmatesand friends from Humboldt-St Vincent-Noyes.

ar. I do rememberfollowing the Civil Rights Movement closely and discussing the need forracial justice with my parents. My most vivid memories are of classmatesand friends from Humboldt-St Vincent-Noyes.