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Michael Rustad's Memories


The Flood of 1966


My junior year in high school was marked by a huge snowstorm in which our school was closed for several days in late March. TheMarch snowstorm that year was followed by floods of the Red River.

St. Vincent was hit hard by the flood as was Noyes. Mymemory was spending weeks sandbagging in St. Vincent and then helping outsandbagging the Two Rivers in Hallock.

Our school was closed one week in April of 1966 so thatthe students could assist with Operation Sandbagging. I remember that thesandbagging was hard work but lots of fun. We had our transistor radiosat the dike where we listened to the latest Beatles, Rolling Stones, orMamas and the Papas tune. Paperback Writer and Monday, Monday were two ofmy favorite songs. Our roads were impassable because of the flooding.

The Hallock merchants were so grateful for our help thatthey held a huge dance at the Hallock gymnasium. The Hallock merchants friedup hamburgers and all the trimmings, free pop, and ice cream in appreciationfor us having helped to save the town. I believe that Don Johnson even hiredone of his bands to play at the gymnasium.

To a Humboldt boy, Hallock was Paris, the big city! Inmy school annual, there is a picture of sandbaggers from our school: CraigOlson, Jim "Plow" Wiese, Ron "RB" Baldwin, Alan Anderson,Cindy Olsonawaski, Craig Wiese and Randy Reese.

Despite unprecedented weather conditions in 1966, the Humboldtkids pitched in and had some fun in the process.

e fun in the process.