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Michael Rustad Memories

7th Grade

1961 - 1962

I was a seventh grader during the 1961-62 school year.The teachers that year included Vernon P. Kembitskey, Harold Borg, OttoSchultz, Orval Roberts, Rueben Ohmann, Mrs. Josephine Bunton, ElizabethP. Westergard, Helen Tri, Gloria Marinson and Martha Roberts at the highschool. Maribel Berg, Kathleen Dexter, Clara Nelson taught in the St. Vincentschool, grades 2-4.

The Fifth and Sixth Graders were in Humboldt along withthe first grade. Minnie Hylland was the fifth grade teacher. The sixth gradewas taught by Dale Finney. Grade 1 was taught by Ruth Younggren. Mr. Kembitsky,our music teacher, was memorable because on the first day at Humboldt schoolhe lost his ring finger. He was loading furniture to his new house and caughthis gold wedding band on the top of the truck box and hung from his ringuntil he lost his finger. It was especially a tough break for a musicianto lose a finger. I made a decision right then and there never to wear awedding ring or other ring.

Andy Hoglin was the custodian in Humboldt and is depictedin front of the milk machine with a coffee cup in his hand. Seniors my seventhgrade year included Marilyn Hemmes, Joan Olsonawski, John Cleem, Patsy Bouvette,Mike Gooselaw, Lorne Lofberg, LeRoy Clow, Mary Ryan, John Seed, Margie Surface,Rosemary Godon, Carlene Gatheridge, Peggy Surface, Allan Ward, Tom Baldwin,Charlotte Nolte, and Janet Shaw.

The Class of 1962 was a good class. When they were sixthgraders, they were housed in Humboldt's City Hall the full year to accommodateour first grade class. I was glad that the Sixth Graders were so generous.Another enduring memory of that class was a skit they put on in health class.The actors that played dangerous germs scared me to death. It was probablyone of my favorite plays and is still etched in my mind's eye.

Mike Gooselaw was a member of that class. Mike was the younger brother ofLouise Gooselaw Docken, our next door neighbor when we lived in Humboldt.Mike also had a brother Palmer. I think that the Gooselaws were nephewsand nieces of the great Eli Gooselaw, the best baseball player in Humboldthistory. Mike Gooselaw was the one that broke it to me that there was noSanta Claus. This was a very traumatic moment for me. He also informed methat the Easter Bunny was also a fraudulent scheme. Mike joined the Navysoon after leaving school.

Tom Baldwin was perhaps the person I most admired in the Class of 1962.He was good friends with my parents. Dad enjoyed Tom's company and theyfrequently had long heart to heart talks in the Post Office. Dad thoughtI should choose Tom to sponsor my confirmation. The younger kids all likedTom and I cannot recall him ever teasing a younger child.

Our neighbor Marilyn Hemmes was chosen Homecoming Queenduring my seventh grade year. Marilyn was liked by everyone in the school.The Homecoming King was John Cleem who was perhaps one of Humboldt's bestathletes of that era. John Cleem was named to the All-Conference footballteam his senior year. LeRoy Clow and Lorne Lofberg were also strong footballplayers who were named to the Honorable Mention team that year. The Homecomingattendants that year were Mary Ryan, Rosemary Godon, Allan Ward, and LorneLofberg.

One of the items from the Class Prophecy that year wasone of the class members would be chosen Miss Universe in 1985. The seniorsof 1962 would turn 40 in 1985. I guess this was a class who thought theywould be well preserved even at age 40 and maybe they were right. The classof 1962 was a very good class with a bright future.

James "Duffy" Feick, John Isely, Richmond Cleem,David Seed, Karen Hylland, Nancy Cleem, Robert Olson, Reginald Hemmes, GarthSymington, Sandra Finney, Judy Finney and Cheryl Ingeman were members ofthe Junior Class. The Junior Class that year came into their own in Sportsand other activities.

Ron Baldwin, Rebecca Clow, Renee Jerome, Carl Seed, Martha Carlson, JudyBurton, Clara Twamley, Ralph Giffen, Diane Jerde, Pete Tri, Jan Armstrong,Dan Ingeman, Carolyn Wiese, Rhoda Symington, Marlys Diamond, Linda Lenzand Michael Rustad were in the Seventh Grade Class.

I do not have a strong present memory of my teachers from that year. I believeHarold Borg was our Mathematics teacher and Mrs. Westergaard taught science.Mrs. Westergaard was an excellent teacher with great patience and a sincerelove of her subject. Harold Borg was a very good natured teacher who wasgood with 7th graders as well as high schoolers. I remember once that abully in our class was hammering me in physical education and he witnessedit. Mr. Borg ended the harrassment immediately and had the offender pinnedup against the wall and near tears.

We had quite a lot of activities with the Eight Gradersthat year. Ruth Seed, Linda Anderson, Rick Anderson, Janice Bahr, Tom Brown,Jane Clow, Richard Dykhuis, David Boatz, Beverly Harris, Robert Ward, LindaJohnston, Russ Symington, Deyanne Larson, Margie Twamley, Margie Ryan, EddieLenz, Sharon Short Jeff Lofberg, Joyce Finney, and Elaine Surface were eighthgraders in 1961-62.

Once we hit seventh grade, we did not have that much interactionwith the elementary school kids. The sixth graders that year were CynthiaBaldwin, Mary Bernath, Mary Boatz, Allen Cleem, Jo Ellyn Clow, Ethel Finney,John Finney, Jim Gatheridge, Jay Hoglin, Jim Ingeman, Deenie Ivey, Len Jerome,Craig Larson, Nancy Lenz, Carolyn Loer, Ron McAdam, Larry Olsonawski, LindaPearson, Randy Reese, Virgnia Seed, Betty Short, Linda Stewart, Linda Symington,Paul Symington, Leslie Turner, Cheryl Twamley, Lois Ward, Gary Webster,Rex Westergard, and John Wilkie.

My brother Tony was in the Fifth Grade that year. ChristieAnderson, Lois Armstrong, Jerry Bernath, John Berg, Beth Boatz, DeloresDiamond, Denise Demars, Donna Easter, Kathy Finney, Diane Giffen, DianaHarris, Brad Hemmes, Lee Jerome, Gary Jerde, Hertha Klein, Stephen Loge,Tony Rustad, Faye Turner, June Webster, Jim Wiese and Craig Wiese composedthe class.

My memories of the early grades as well as high schoolwas that teachers were given lots of discretion in handling disciplinarymatters. The greater the problem, the more draconian the discipline. I thinkthat some of the physical discipline used in the early grades may have beentoo extreme. I remember losing IQ points after being struck by the J, K,and L encyclopedia volumes on the noggin. One teacher was fond of sneakingup behind us and clobbering us with some heavy object. I tended to be aone trial learner.

One Editorial Note If teachers like Harold Borg were incharge of Columbine High School, there would have been someone who mighthave noticed the black trenchcoats and done something about the prior threats.However, it should be remembered that discipline was expected in our school.I cannot ever remember a parent who did not back a teacher who disciplinedtheir child. In general, the child was first disciplined in school and thenat home after the parents learned of their kid's unacceptable behavior.

There was no such thing as Attention Deficit Disorder in1962. This was before we became a Prozac or Ritalin nation. Believe me whenI tell you that we paid attention or else. There were a few students inHumboldt-St.Vincent who were discipline problems who might be classifiedas problematic by any behavioral measures. I recall hearing ninth gradershaving a sense of relief when a trouble-maker was absent from school dueto illness. Helen Tri was class advisor to the Ninth Grade and was alsovigilant in spotting and dealing with trouble-makers. Susan Stewart, WarrenJohn Griffith, Susan Finney, Jerry Turner, Jackie Wiese, Steve Skjold, MarlysCarlson, Connie Lang, Francies Gooselaw, Bob Wilkie, Robert "Mickey"Boatz, Jeff Sylvester, Donna Loge, Diane Loer, Doreen Giffen and Brian Lofbergwere members of the Freshman class.

The Sophomore class in 1961-62 consisted of Jackie Gardner,Kathy Tri, Lawrence Wilkie, Chuck Surface, Verna Cleem, Richard Turner,Wayne Stewart, Robert Bockwitz, Tim Hughes, Judy Dykhuis, Bev Dykhuis, BettyCameron, Mary Baldwin, Bert Lang, Paul Anderson, Robert Giffen, and JamesWilkie. Borg was the class advisor and did a good job keeping the classin line.

In 1961-62, the third grade class was composed of DorisGiffen, Larry Jerde, Patrice Docken, Larry Seed, Lois Diamond, Tim Clow,Adele Hoglin, Karen Lang, Billy Ash, Denise Gooselaw, Craig Olson, BetteDawn Giffen, and Keith Finney.

Fourth Graders included Ron Gatheridge, Valerie Lenz, M.Scott Clow, Katherine and Kristin Westergaard, Wayne Gregoire, Lynn Harris,Steven Bockwitz, Deb Gooselaw, Dan Twamley, Linda Diamond, Dan Finney, MargoBaldwin, Marshal Hemmes, Pam Ness, Layne Turner, Marlyce Cleem, Terry Demars,Becky Stewart, Ralph Babock, and Cynthia Olsonawski.

The second graders consisted of Linda Twamley, John Lovejoy,Dan Turner, Sandra Harris, Steve Ash, Louis Jerome, Norma Finney, MichaelNess, Eileen Kalaja, Keith Webster, Cynthia Bockwitz, Gary Wilkie, DonnaWetsit, David Ingeman, Wanda Anderson, Dave Wilkie, Diane Getschel, TomSymington, Grace McAdams, and Vanessa Reese.

My sister Jamie was in the first grade class along withJim Norland, Sandry Jerde, Mike Olson, Judy Turner, David Ivey, Janet Clow,Renee Giffen, Duane Giffen, Andrea Hoglin, Sheila Wallace, Bill Jerome,Eileen Hemmes, Steve Borg, Darla Ivey, Suzanne Dexter, Vern Bahr, RoxanneFriebohle, Loanne Roger Seed, and Shelly Docken.

The same cycle of class plays, band, chorus, graduation,and sports took place in 1961-62. The Junior Class Play was a very goofyplay called, "Hillbilly Courtship. Cast members were David Seed, NancyCleem, Richmond Cleem, Garth Symington, Jim Feick, John Isely, Cheryl Ingeman,Judy Finney, Karen Hylland, Reggie Hemmes, Robert Olson, Sandra Finney.I remember Richmond Cleem wearing a goofie hat and bib-overalls. I guessthat play must have created an enduring image of what life was like in WestVirginia and Appalachia.

My adorable sister Jamie was the ring bearer along withher 1st grade classmate for Homecoming. Marilyn Hemmes, our neighbor, wasHomecoming Queen and likely kept a watchful eye on Jamie. Other membersof the royal party that year: Lorne Lofberg, Mary Ryan, Rosemary Godon,Allan Ward, Marlys Diamond, Donna Loge, Reginald Hemmes, Cheryl Ingeman,Judy Dykhuis, Robert Olson, Cheryl Easter, and Joan Olsonawski. Jamie worea beautiful silk-like green dress and had her hair curled. Everyone exclaimedabout how cute she was in the royal party. Humboldt played the Pembina Wildcatsthat year. There was also a sock hop and a bon fire to celebrate Homecoming.

This was the first year that our class built a float forthe Homecoming parade. Our class float was entitled, "Hang the Wildcat."I have never been a strong advocate of capital punishment, but apparentlyI made an exception for the Pembina Wildcats. Renee Jerome and Judy Burtonroad on the float along with Dan Ingeman and Ron Baldwin dressed in HumboldtHusky football uniforms. Our float had a minimum of chicken-wire and consistedmost of funeral grass which we borrowed from the Larson-Hoencke funeralhome.

We did build goal-posts and somehow it stayed together.I believe that we have some parents helping us build our first float. Needlessto say, we did not win first prize. Joan Olsonawski led the band in theparade because she was the majorette for the school. She had quite a beautifuluniform topped off with high white leather boots She wore a tall Napoleonichat. Humboldt-St. Vincent had a pretty good marching band in those years.

One of my memories was being chosen high salesman for themagazine drive as only a seventh grader. I think that my mother purchasedmost of the subscriptions that I enrolled. My parents believed in readingand we always had numerous subscriptions to magazines which was fortunefor me. There was a drawing for prizes for top salesmen. I won a littleceramic football player with a bobbing head which you were to put in yourback window. Janice Bahr and Diane Loer won the best prizes in the drive.Diane won a little hill billy doll and Janice Bahr won a large sutffed Dalmatianwhich I coveted. Nancy Cleem and Carlene Gatheridge captained the magazinedrive and were rewarded with the largest stuffed animals.

I believe it was in February of 1962 that the lettermen'sclub started its annual Letterman's Ham Supper. This was a fund raiser sothat the seniors could go to the State Basketball Tournament in Minneapolis.The Lettermen Mothers baked pies and the fathers carved ham. The lettermenclub members and younger boys who were lettermen-to-be served the dinner.I remember that we were required to wear black pants, white shirts and bow-ties.I helped with the supper in some minimal way in 7th grade because I wasa member of the "B" basketball team. One of the best things aboutthe Lettermen's Supper was that growing boy could really get their fillof pie.

In those days, there were a great number of mothers whocould bake apple pies from scratch. They also made pecan, lemon merinque,blueberry pies and other pies from June-Berries for the supper. I rememberthat we once served 400 at a Ham Supper. It was always a marvelous turnoutand all of the boys were exhausted from all of the serving.

Our speech team first became a dynasty during my sixthgrade year. Bob Olson was a regional contestant that year. Dorothy Griffithand Cheryl Ingeman were alternates to the regional competition. Joan Diamond,Cheryl Ingeman, Reggie Hemmes, Bob Olson, and Dorothy Griffith won the districtcompetition. Humboldt took first place at the sub-district and districtcompetitions. The team was coached by Gloria Martinson and the ubiquitousMartha Roberts.

Mrs. Martinson was our 7th grade English teacher. I rememberher very animated ghost stories. She was a delightful person who made learningfun. Martha Roberts was primarily responsible for building a speech dynasty.Humboldt-St. Vincent was the power-house in Region 8 for many years thanksto Martha's coaching.

Martha Roberts required every person in school to competein a local speech competition from which she chose our team. The Humboldtschool competition was judged by teachers and administrators and was frequentlymore competitive than the sub district or district level.

The 1961 subdistrict contestsants included: Reggie Hemmes,Verna Cleem, Bob Wilkie, Joan Diamond, Marjorie Twamley, Jackie Wiese, CherylIngeman, Dorothy Griffith, Sharon Short, Marilyn Hemmes, Carlene Gatheridge,Janet Shaw, Lawrence Wilkie, Mike Baldwin, John Isely and Bob Olson.

The 1962 Husky football team played 6 games that season.Football was a tough sport to excel in for our school because the seasongenerally coincided with harvest. Coach Borg frequently had to hold practicesvery early in the morning which left many a farm boy sleep-deprived. Humboldtfinished 3 and 3 in 1962. Humboldt lost its first game to the Middle RiverSkippers, 32 to 13. Humboldt played Pembina twice and beat them 46 to 0and 27 to 0. Humboldt lost to the Drayton Bombers, 46 to 19 and Lake BronsonBraves, 46-0. Humboldt beat the Badger rockets 12 to 7 to cap off the season.

We had some tough guys on that team. LeRoy Clow was a goodplayer. I remember him once settling a dispute on school grounds. He wasa smart guy and a good player. Richmond Cleem was an all conference defenseiveend. John Cleem, Richmond's brother, co-captained the team with Robert Olson.Lorne Lofberg was an offensive end on the team and a good senior player.The starting line-up had Chuck Surface at Quarterback with John Cleem andRobert Olson in the backfield. John Isely was at one end and Lorne Lofbergat the other. The center was LeRoy Clow. Duffy Feick , Richmond Cleem andBob Bockwitz were the lineman. As in other years, Harold Borg was head coachassisted by Ohman. Members of the team included: Bob Wilkie, Pete Tri, MickeyBoatz, Reggie Hemmes, Jerry Turner, Lawrence Wilkie, Bob Giffen, Tim Hughes,LeRoy Clow, Lorne Lofberg, Mike Gooselaw, Jim "Duffy" Feick, JohnIsely, Richmond Cleem, Chuck Surface, John Cleem, Bob Bockwitz, and BobOlson.

I look back at the 1961-62 as a golden year in the historyof the Humboldt school. We were a sports and speech powerhouse for sucha small school. Many of the graduating seniors went on to college. We hadsupportive teachers and an active PTA.

Humboldt's young basketball team had a great year in 1961-62.Humboldt beat Greenbush 48 to 41. Next, Humboldt beat Strandquist 48 to40. We beat Argyle's team 44 to 37. Nesxt, we beat the Hallock Bears 43to 34. Humboldt routed Badger 57 to 25. We next beat Karlstad 34 to 28.We lost our first game to Lake Bronson 48 to 41. I remember that the LakeBronson team consisted of a good shooter named Prosser, several Sele boysand an Olson. They were a hard-nosed team and a good matchup for Humboldt.Humboldt beat Lancaster 51 to 40 and then lost a heart-breaker to the StephenTigers, 48 to 47. Humboldt next beat Stranquist 62 to 42. We beat Argyle52 to 41 and Hallock again, 52 to 33. Greenbush revenged the earlier loss,52 to 44. I remember that game well because I was on the traveling squadand road the long ride to Greenbush. Seventh graders were on the "B"team and took turns going on road games. Humboldt lost to Karlstad 49 to37.

Perhaps, the toughest loss in Humboldt history was the4 over time period loss to Kennedy, Final score: Kennedy 40, Humboldt 39.Humboldt thought they had won the game in the waning moments of the fourthquarter. However, the time-keeper Don Brown ruled that the lost shot wasafter the buzzer. Humboldt's celebrating team had to be summoned from thelocker room.

Humboldt beat Kennedy in football but never managed tobeat the Kennedy Rockets in basketball. Humboldt lost to Lake Bronson again58 to 41. Humboldt won their match ups in the sub district tournament andwere eliminated by Greenbush that year in the district tournament. The startingfive for Humboldt were Richmond Cleem , Chuck Surface, John Isely, Bob Olsonand Lorne Lofberg. Reggie Hemmes, Bob Bockwitz, Allan Ward, Richard Turner,Lawrence Wilkie, Wayne Stewart and Bob Giffen also saw playing time on thatteam.

I was on the B team along with Ralph and Bob Giffen, RonBaldwin, Dave Boatz, Dan Ingeman, Bryan Lofberg, Dickie Dykhuis, Rick Turner,Wayne Stewart, Bob Giffen, Lawrence Wilkie, Reggie Hemmes, Peter Tri, BobWard, Tom Brown, Mick Boatz, Bob WIlkie and Eddie Lenz. I did not see thatmuch playing time in the seventh grade because this was a team dominatedby ninth and tenth graders.

One game I remember in particular was a home game againstthe hated Lake Bronson Braves. One of their older and better players wasLarry Sele. I was placed in the game for the last 4:43 of the fourth quarterand we were ahead by 21 points. Larry Sele got the ball and held it toolong. I stole the ball and drove the length of the court and put in a layup. The Humboldt crowd erupted. When the B team went into the locker-room,I was mobbed by A team members congratulating me. Everyone was laughingabout how fast I made it to the basket! The A team members were very goodto the younger members of the team. There never was a single incident ofbullying. In particular, I think that guys like Bob Olson, John Isely, andLorne Lofberg were very encouraging to the younger kids.


ating me. Everyone was laughingabout how fast I made it to the basket! The A team members were very goodto the younger members of the team. There never was a single incident ofbullying. In particular, I think that guys like Bob Olson, John Isely, andLorne Lofberg were very encouraging to the younger kids.