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Michael Rustad's Memories

Eighth Grade

1962 - 1963


In my eighth grade, Dale Birkeland was appointed Superintendent. O. A. Roberts was the long-time principal. Virgil Bockwitz, Harold Finney,Arnold Wiese, Lyle Clow, Gene Jerde and Francis Ness were on the Board ofEducation. My Shop Teacher was Don Bock. Industrial Arts was a very difficultsubject for me. I made an offer to the Board of Education to take an extraadvanced science class or math class to substitute for industrial arts. My offer was rejected. I was required to take shop class with Don Bock. I hated that class and dreaded it. Don Bock was a football coach as wellas the shop teacher. My performance in the class was quite dreadful. I made a succession of crooked bread boards, pencil cases, and crude leatherproducts. However, I did not lose any digits in the band saw and for thisI am still grateful.

Bill Durkop was our mathematics teacher. Durkop was alsothe coach of our 7th and 8th grade basketball team. All of the girls inour class had a crush on Durkop. He was a good teacher. Mrs. ElizabethWestergard was our science teacher. She was the mother of Rex Westergaardand the adorable Westergard twins, Kristen and Katherine. Pembina, NorthDakota eight miles from Humboldt began a television station, KCND. KCNDwas an ABC affiliate with Channel 12. The station had a huge tower sothat it could reach its Canadian audience. The station's motto was "TopPower on the Tall Tower Station." Mrs. Westergard was married to theanchor for KCND, Bo West. Bo had a program that all of the kids likedcalled Bo and his Bucaneers. Bo West frequently dressed in his cowboy suitand was friendly to all of the kids. The Humboldt-St. Vincent school choruswas frequently on television thanks to our school's connection to KCND-10. My only memory of those performances was the intense heat of the TV cameras. KCND Television was a cash cow in the early days because of great salesfrom Canada advertisers. I learned many years later that KCND's primaryaudience was Winnipeg and not tiny Northwest Minnesota.

One of my most memorable teachers was Mrs. Beatrice Berg,our Home Economics Teacher. Mrs. Berg was from the Duluth area and drovea 1939 Ford Sedan into town which was quite a nice vehicle though it wasconsidered to be quite an eccentric choice of vehicle even by our standards. Mrs. Berg was our English teacher and frequently told us about the beautifulLake Superior area. Mrs. Berg enjoyed my Dad who was nice to everyone inthe community and especially new teachers. One of my classmates in homeeconomics told me that Mrs. Berg would never let the students have the productsof their various cooking projects. Always the spend thrift, Mrs. Berg wouldenjoy the fruits of home economics cooking projects. I do remember thatMrs. Berg like our class and permitted the girls to make cookies and piesfor the other teachers. The girls in our class brought all of their goodiesto their favorite, Bill Durkop.

Mrs. Berg paid a lot of attention to me during my EighthGrade year. The Humboldt-St. Vincent students had a huge component of speech activities in English class. Mrs. Berg selected me to representthe class in original oratory in the Humboldt competition. She spent agreat deal of time with me helping me polish my oratory. On the day ofthe competition, she let me rest in the student lounge and prepared warmmilk for me. I felt like I was being prepared for a boxing match. I wasnot chosen to represent Humboldt in the original oratory. Helen Tri wasthe judge of that event and gave me a "B" rating. I think thatshe was probably right in assigning that grade, but it broke Mrs. Berg'sheart that her favorite speech student did not win the event.

The 1962-63 school year was the best year for Humboldtsports because of players like John Isely, Chuck Surface, Bob Giffen, RichmondCleem, Reggie Hemmes, Lawrence Wilkie and many others. John Isely was atrack star as well as an all conference basketball and football player. During John's junior year, he competed in the region running the half mile. The seniors that year were John Isely, James Feick, Richmond Cleem, SandraKnutson, Karen Hylland, Cheryl Ingeman, Sandra Finney, Garth Symington,David Seed, and Reggie Hemmes. Sandra Finney was Homecoming Queen and RichmondCleem was crowned King. The Senior attendants were Karen Hylland, CherylIngeman, John Isely and James Feick.

The 1963 football team had a disappointing season. Iselywas again all conference named as a defensive end. Richmond Cleem, ReggieHemmes, and James Feick were honorable mention to the all conference team. Our eighth grade home-coming float, "Freeze the Braves I think thatwe used lots of white toilet paper and kleenex that were all white to simulatesnow. Our classes winter wonderland motif received the prize as best float. Unlike our seventh grade float, we constructed a flot with lots of toiletpaper. To us, the toilet paper and kleenixes were nearly as nice as a RoseBowl float.

Lake Bronson beat Humboldt in our homecoming game 40 to12. That year we also lost to Badger, 21-7. We lost in a close game toMiddle River, 20 to 12. We were beaten by Pembina 20 to 8 and lost to Draytonby one point. The starting team in football had Junior Chuck Surfaceas quarterback. Bob Bockwitz and Bob Giffen were in the backfield. At oneend was Richmond Cleem. The right guard was Mike Gooselaw. The right tacklewas Wayne Stewart. The center was James Feick. The left tackle was ReginaldHemmes. The left end was John Isely. Mike Gooselaw was in the 1962 graduatingclass but played again in 1963 as a postgraduate.

The football team was coached by Bock and Borg. The playersincluded Rick Turner, Rex Westergard, Bernard Knutson, Tom Brown, PeterTri, Robert Giffen, Mick Boatz, Dan Ingeman, Ron Baldwin, Gary Webster, Larry Knutson, Tim Leitz, Lawrence Wilkie, Mike Gooselaw, Wayne Stewart,John Isely, Richmond Cleem, James Feick, Chuck Surface, Robert Bockwitz,Reginald Hemmes and Tim Hughes. Chuck Surface and John Isely were NorthernLights all conference football award winners that year.

The basketball team of 1962-63 was by far the best teamin Humboldt-St. Vincent history. This was a team built by Harold Borg butBorg did not coach that year. Don Bock was the basketball coach and Borgsat on the side-lines. Bob Olson, one of the best players, transferredto Pembina that year or Humboldt might have even been a stronger team. The A team members included Richmond Cleem, Richard "Tick" Turner,Lawrence Wilkie, Wayne "Tuna" Stewart, Chuck Surface, John Isely,Bob Bockwitz, Bob Giffen, Mick Boatz, Robert Ward, and Arne Anderson. I was on the B team coached by Borg. The members of our team included EddieLenz, Bryan Lofberg, Jeff Lofberg, Ralph Giffen, Ron Baldwin, Dan Ingeman,Robert Wilkie, Jeff Sylvester,Dick Dykhuis, Mick Boatz, Wayne Stewart, ArneAnderson, Tom Brown, Bob WArd, and Pete Tri. Dave Boatz was a B team manageralong with Tim Hughes. Paul Anderson was the student manager of our A team.

Throughout my high school years, a number of players wouldplay both on the A and B team especially in their freshman and sophomoreyears. There was a rule that you could only play 5 quarters on a givennight. Wayne Stewart frequently played 5 quarters a night. He was our Bteam center and played lots of minutes on the A team. Mick Boatz was alsofrequently in that position. The A team had a 16-4 regular season record. The team was a powerhouse challenged only by the dreaded Lake Bronson Bravesand of course, the Kennedy Rockets. Humboldt began the season by losingto Badger 49 to 45. Humboldt next dispatched the Greenbush Tigers, 48 to41. We rolled over the Stranquist Warriors 71 to 56. Next, Humboldt beatArgyle, 67 to 41. We narrowly beat the Hallock Bears, 44 to 42. We nextbeat the Karlstad Rabbits 53 to 36. Humboldt again beat Greenbush 43 to38. We lost a squeaker to Lake Bronson 42 to 39. The Sele Boys and Prosserwere unbeatable that night. Wally Olson for the Braves put up big numbers. Humboldt next met the Lancaster Cardinals and beat them 45 to 34. Weknocked off the Stephen Tigers 49 to 37 behind hot shooting of John Isely,Richmond Cleem and Chuck Surface. Humboldt soon became one of the best teamsin the Northern Lights Conference. Strandquist nearly upset the team withHumboldt prevailing 47 to 46.

Humboldt next rolled over Argyle 71 to 46. Humboldt'steam began to gel and we next beat Hallock 78 to 58. Karlstad's rabbitswere beaten 55 to 21. However, we again lost to Kennedy 72 to 48. Thiswas followed by a loss to Lake Bronson 58 to 53. We avenged the loss toBadger by beating them 58 to 27. We rounded off the season by beating Lancaster60 to 38 and Greenbush, 57 to 43. The Huskies had high hopes that theymight make the regional tournament. In those days, there were no separateclasses and Humboldt could wind up playing larger schools.

We were then the smallest school in the subdistrict. Wewon our subdistrict game 50 to 41 before disaster struck. In our districtgame, we were paired up against Greenbush. We were a heavy favorite becausewe beat Greenbush twice during the regular season. However, John Iselycame down with a very serious flu and could not play. His Dad, Warren Isely,held him out of the game for medical reasons. Humboldt suffered a heartbreaking loss to Greenbush which ended our season.

Chuck Surface was high point man in many of the games,but Isely was probably the most dominant player. Richmond Cleem was a troughrebounder and fearless. That year the team got a lot of help from BobbyGiffen who replaced Bobby Olson in the starting lineup. Lawrence Wilkieessentially replaced Lorne Lofberg and proved to be an able replacement. Rick Turner was a surprise find on that team and often played significantminutes. He was Bock's choice to fill in for an injured forward. I amprobably understating the role of players such as Reggie Hemmes and WayneStewart and others due to a faulty memory. One thing I do remember is thatHumboldt's games were followed by the entire communities of Humboldt, St.Vincent and Noyes. Lots of town residents went to away games that year. It was the talk of the team.

One of the best memories I have was our 7th and 8th gradeteam. That team was coached by Bill Durkop. Ron Baldwin, Tim Leitz, BernieKnutson, Allen Cleem, Dan Ingeman, Jim Gatheridge, Gary Webster, Ralph Giffenand I were on the team. We played a number of teams in the Northern LightsConference. One game in particular was on a Saturday afternoon at Argyle.

Argyle had a much taller team and were very confident againstus. Dan Ingeman and I scored 20 points each and we nearly knocked off Argyle. I remember overhearing the opposing player threaten to knock me out ofthe action. I was the victim of some pretty hard fouls. I was much moreafraid of falling off the court which was a raised stage. I remember beingalmost unstoppable from my patented shot from deep in the corners. My teammatesnamed me Noah because my shot had such a high arc. The shot would seeminglyhang in the air and come down fast with a swish when I was on like thatgame in Argyle. One of the worst things about the Argyle game was the genuinefear for my life that I would be bumped off the stage. I don't think thatthe referees kept good control of the game and to make things worse ourcoach Durkop was not even at the game due to a conflict in activities.

The A team cheerleaders were Susi Stewart, Mary Baldwin,Susan Finney, and Sandy Finney. The B team cheerleaders were my classmatesRenee Jerome and Marlys Diamon along with ninth graders Margie Ryan andJoyc Finney. Our track team that year was solid. Richmond Cleem placedin the district meet. Chuck Surface, who was a leaper in basketball, wasalso a terrific high jumper. As a sophomore, he placed second in the districtmeet.

My memories of 1962-63 and earliers years have underplayedthe importance of non-sport activities. I was a member of the senior bandthat year and played the flute. I remember being ribbed for playing theflute and then jumping off the stage and playing basketball because theband played at games. We had a lot of good musicians in 1962-63. VernKembitsky was the conductor. Susan Finney was our majorette. Our clarinetsection consisted of my neighbor Diane Loer and Jackie Wiese and Kathy Tri. The trumpet section consisted of Bob Bockwitz, Paul Anderson, and Tom Brown. Ron Baldwin and Robert Ward also played trumpet We had a good flute sectionexcept for me. I still wonder how Mary Bernath and Clarice Anderson stoodit when I upset their beautiful flute-playing. Margie Clow, the previousflute player, transferred to Pembina or we would have even been stronger.I believe that Linda Stewart and Diane Jerde also played the clarinet. John Finney played the tuba. The better musicians were organized intoensembles.

The percussion ensemble featured Linda Pearson, ElaineSurface, Susan Finney, Mary Baldwin and Susie Stewart. Tom Brown, Bob Bockwitz,and Paul Anderson formed a trumpet trio. The young band members also hadtheir ensembles. Ron Baldwin, Carolyn Loer and Lois Ward formed a juniortrumpet trio. The clarinet ensemble featured by cousin Leslie Turner andCynthia Baldwin, Linda Stewart and Carolyn Wiese. The older girls' ensemble,the A team ensemble was composed of Jackie Wiese, Kathy Tri, Diane Loerand Jan Bahr.

The sax ensemble featured Karen Hylland, Marlys Diamond,Ethetl Finney and Judy Burton. Some of our best players were featured soloits. Cheryl Ingeman solo was with the mellophone. Karen Hylland performed saxophonesolos. Susan Finney played the soprano sax. Linda Pearson was the featureddrummer. Tom Brown and Bob Bockwitz were featured trumpet soloists.

Our first chair flutist was Clarice Anderson. Claricewas very patient and nice to Mary Bernath and myself. I know that Marylearned a great deal from Clarice and later excelled as a flutist.

The class of 1963 dedicated the Whip to Martin Gardnerwho was one of the St. Vincent children killed by a Canadian driver in 1954. Advertisers that year included Ward's Cafe in Humboldt. Ward Finney wasthe proprieter of the Humboldt cafe. Mrs. Gail Short and Fred Strangerran Short's cafe.

The Freibohle Oil Company of St. Vincent also advertisedin the yearbook. Ernest Carlson had an advertisement for his Pembina business,the King Koin Launderette. Cal Forbes, the popular owner of Cal's JunctionService, also placed an ad for his Cities Service business. The friendof all Humboldt kids Elmer Maxwell placed an ad on behalf of Maxwell's Service. Elmer Maxwell's Standard Service Station was a little red building witha hand pump for pumping gasoline. He was known by every kid for the fairprice he paid for pop bottles. Elmer purchased many chipped bottles forwhich he would not be reimbursed because he genuinely liked kids. I canstill remember his little leather pocket book and gold clasp. I rememberhow long it took him to dispense money. He would slowly count out the cashfor bottles we would collect along Highway 75 or in town.

Every year the Humboldt Elevator Association of Humboldthad a full-page ad. The Humboldt Elevator was managed by Robert MichaelBoatz. Bob Boatz was a good manager and enjoyed playing cards with themen in the town. My Dad, Joe Giffen, Hilson Stewart, and many others enjoyedsome good card games. Boatz's assistant manager was Maynard Docken.

Maynard was a cheerful guy and a hard worker. When welived in town, Maynard and Louise Docken were next door neighbors. Maynard'soldest daughter Patrice was a very years younger than me and I sometimeshelped to babysit her. Louise Docken always gave my brother Tony and Ipresents for our birthday and our holidays. Maynard and Bob sold a lotof grain, fertilizer, seed, coal, chemicals and feed in those years andalways purchased a full page ad in The Whip.

Clarence Iten advertised his trucking business. HallockBoosters included Dr. Harry Hanson, my dentist and the Woman's Shop. TheHallock GTA, Hallock Electric, Valley Mfr. Co., Olson Barber Shop, HallockHotel, Meltz Shoe Service, Fowler Agency, Coast to Coast, Sterling Store,Alma's Beatuy Shop, Gamble Store, Uptown Standard, Gary's Snack Bar, JerryDiamond Furniture Mart, and other businesses were listed as Boosters. Pembinaalso had its boosters: Paul Brown, Kay and Bee Gift Shop and the MobilStation. The Webster Brothers of St. Vincent also had an advertisementdepicting their semi-truck line. Swan Anderson of Noyes had an advertisementfor his furnace business. Swan sold Oil-o-Matic Furnace and did generalrepair.

Swan Anderson was an extremely talented repairman. Hewas what I would call a tinkerer, which is a quality that would have madehim a fine scientist. Warren Clow and Herbet Easter's Elevator Companyalso had a full-page ad. Don Brown's Oil Company converted to the MidlandCooperative Services after Don's tragic death the previous year. MidlandCooperative Services also had a branch in Hallock. Later, Monte Bloomquistwas a manager of Humboldt's Midland and very popular with the community. Allan Lofberg took over as manager of Midland still later. Warren Isely,father of John, placed an advertisement for the Humboldt Insurance Agency. Bockwitz Farms had an ad as well.

The Bockwitz family farms was once a bonanza farm whenrun by Fred Bockwitz. By the 1960s, the mantle was passed to Virgil andhis sons, Rodney and Bob. The Bockwitz ad pictured Bob in front of a bigcaterpillar in the field.

Hallock's Northwestern State Bank, "Your FriendlyBank" also had a full page ad in The Whip. Baldwin-Miller, "yourgeneral electric dealer," also had a full page ad. Baldwin-Millersold washers, televisions, refrigerators, stereos, dryers and ranges. Theshop was at the Baldwin farm.

I remember it as a paneled office with quite a large inventory. Mark frequently hired my Uncle Burton to help Curt Miller put up televisionantennas. Burton and Dorothy Turner had a farm near Mark and Joyce Baldwin.

Jim Tri had an advertisement for Northland Apiaries. Jim'sgrandfather P.N. Tri died in 1963. The Whip of 1963 memorialized P.N. Tri'spassing.

The copy I have of the Whip has letters to Dave Boatz inthe back. This was a tradition at the school. One of Dave's letters states: "Dave" Remember all the fun we had when we were kids, especiallythrowing rotten eggs. Love, Cindy. I still remember all of the fun wehad in 1962-63.

e copy I have of the Whip has letters to Dave Boatz inthe back. This was a tradition at the school. One of Dave's letters states: "Dave" Remember all the fun we had when we were kids, especiallythrowing rotten eggs. Love, Cindy. I still remember all of the fun wehad in 1962-63.