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Alfred Rustad Jr. Memories


BB Shot

Written in 1980's


Alfred Rustad Jr. (Ruste)


Have you ever been the younger brother who always seemedto get the short end of the stick? The loser of every argument, fight orglorious moment?

Coming back to the farm yard from an outing of shootinggophers with your prized BB gun, and bending over tying his shoes, therebypresenting an irresistible target, was that older brother. Yes, I shothim in the tightest place of the seat. His yell and jump was worth the priceI knew I'd have to pay.

My brother's buddy grabbed me and my brother peppered mylegs with BB shot. I carried BB shot in my legs for years.


Jamie Rustad Meagher, 16 Apr 1999

, 16 Apr 1999