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Alfred Rustad Jr. Memories




Alfred Rustad Jr. (Ruste)

written in 1980's


It was not unusual to find pistols in old buildings, duringthe prohibition days, as we lived only a few miles from the Canadian border.Whiskey runners didn't dare to take a gun into Canada, as the law was verytough on people without gun permits.

Usually, they would pick the gun up on the way back toprotect their cargo and themselves from being hijacked.

As running whiskey across the border, some were caughtbefore they could retrieve their gun, which is the reason we were able tofind them.

This particular day a neighbor boy and myself were searchingan old bar and found a coffee can full of powder, not knowing what it was,and like most boys usually did, we decided to see if it would burn. Pouringout about one third of the can on the barn floor, we threw a match to it.The resulting woooof and sheet of flame that hit the ceiling of the barninstantly told us we had found gun powder.

Why it didn't set the hay loft full of hay on fire we didn'tknow. We then quickly hid the rest of the powder and to this day I neverfound it.

Maybe my buddy came back a retrieved it or ???

etrieved it or ???