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Details in a Grandparent's Journal

By Ruste Rustad

Alfred means all peace.

Hagbart means chin whiskers. (Alfred Sr. & Alfred Jr'smiddle name)

First home: The Ambrose Clow farm 3 & 1/2 miles westof Humboldt - mile north, 1/8 mile east. Neighbors: Sid Reese, Ernest Turner,Waldy Clow

First Best Friend: Burton Turner

Other Good Friends: Gilbert Reese, Tony Merck, Deane Matthews,Jerry Diamond, Jim Kempf

Favorite Game: Baseball

Graduated from Northwest School of Agriculture (A.C.) Crookston,MN in 1942. Stayed in McColl Hall on campus.

Alfred Rustad, Jr. (Ruste) passed away in 1986

Patrica Carrigan Rustad passed away December 1989

Source: Jamie Rustad Meagher

mie Rustad Meagher