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All School Reunion

Humboldt School

June12 - 13, 1976


The following poem was written by Howard Reese for theHumboldt-St. Vincent All School Reunion at the Humboldt School June 12 &13 of 1976


Why! You couldn't think of High School reminiscin

And the huggin and the flirtin on the sly,



'Member when a tender heart was broken

When an unkind word was spoken

By the gal you liked a little better than the rest,




She really meant no harm

But your heart was on your arm

And your inward thoughts you hoped nobody guessed,



What about that special guy

You referred to as He and I

And you let you young heart dream of future years,



Then one day you looked again

He had his arm around your friend

And you swallowed hard to keep away the tears,



How about that happy time

On the day of Valentine

When you got a quite a few that were 'bout the same



But as the happy day wore on

Your young heart lost it song

'Cause the one you really hoped for never came



'Member when the end of day was come

And you had to leave for home

And she walked out to the school bus by your side,



Why! Your young heart did a flip

And you didn't give a rip

If the pigs got fed or half the cattle died,



'Member the happy days we spent

When the air was often rent

With the shouts of children full of glee and fuss

Now we're sometimes moved to claim

When the young folks do the same

That no one disciplined or stepped on us


As we take a look about

In our minds there is no doubt

That a lot of things have changed throughout the years

But as long as boys and girls

Are growing up in this old world

There'll be puppy love and broken hearts and tears


As we look back with our minds

We are quite surprised to find

That we owe alot to teachers and our school

We just really never thought

That a work was being wrought

And our character was being shaped and tooled


Folks! They just don't build them anymore

Like that Class of '34

They were bound to make their mark 'twas often said

Why! Every lad and lass

Filled a place in that grand class

In those hallowed halls of learning where they tread.





nd class

In those hallowed halls of learning where they tread.