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Alfred Rustad Jr. Memories


A Teacher's Injustice

written in 1983

by Alfred Rustad Jr. (Ruste)


How to describe the following without being bitter is impossiblefor me, because it influenced a portion of my young life. It does provecertain circumstances are not always as they seem. The following story tookplace about two weeks before Christmas.

Our whole room, the third, fourth and fifth grades werepracticing the Christmas program in the auditorium. When not on stage wewould sit in the high school desks.

This particular day after practice, my teacher was informedthat one dollar and fifty cents was missing from the desk that I had satin. I was then told that I was responsible even if I had not taken the moneyas I claimed.. But she also implied that I had taken the money and wouldbe required to replace it.

Having previously saved my dimes until I had a whole dollarand seventy cents from doing special jobs in order to buy Christmas presents,I turned over a dollar and fifty cents of it to the teacher. Needless tosay, my parents and brother and sister didn't fare too well that Christmas.I remember finally buying a five cent Baby Ruth bar for each of them.

Later, that summer, I found out the boy who sat in thedesk in front of me had stolen the money, because he bragged about gettingaway with it. Knowing he would not own up to it, I decided to forget it,as I had not revealed my disgrace to my parents.

The real irony of the story, being that the boy who tookthe money, in later years, had to spend many years in the penitentiary fordoing wrong.

For many years I wanted to inform my teacher of her injustice,but finally I realized I was as much to blame as she for not informing myparents of a teacher's injustice.


Jamie Rustad Meagher, 1999

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