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Michael Rustad's Memories


The Humboldt Junior Band of 1960


The junior band from 1960 was composed of Janice Bahr,Jackie Wiese, Carolyn Wiese, Diane Jerde, Judy Burton, Jan Armstrong, RalphGiffen, Margie Twamley, Leland Dexter, Ron Baldwin, Joyce Finney and myself.I was probably one of the most ungifted flute players in the history ofbands.

I remember that I did get promoted to senior band. Humboldt-St.Vincent had one of the best flutists in the area--Margie Clow. I was quitea hopeless flute player and frustrated and distracted Margie. I rememberonce being asked by a band director to play my part without making a sound.I was glad to do my pantomime and retired from the band in the 7th grade!

The senior band had a lot of talented musicians. EuniceFinney is from a family of musicians as were Michele and Mike Baldwin. CarleneGathridge, Cheryl Ingeman, Mary Ryan, Sandy Finney and Alana Smith werealso very good. We had some strong trumpet players: Paul and Dean Andersonas well as Bob Bockwitz. Linda Windt, Marilyn Hemmes, Marion Anderson, KathyTri, Susan Finney, Diane Giffen, Beverly Burton and Gloria Iten were alsoquite capable. Margie Surface, Allan Ward, Charlotte Nolte, Linda Armstrong,Karen Hylland, Eileen Finney, Carlene Gathridge, Janet Shaw, Nellie Ward,Mary Baldwin, David Brown, David Lang, Willis Roberts, Ruth Ward, Jill Stranger,JimTri, Bob Olson, Robert Ward andTom Brown were also good instrumentalists.

I remember that David Lang was quite a good singer as well.I am wondering whether there is anyone out there that can remember competingin subdistrict, district and state music festivals.

Ralph Giffen reminds me that he played the drums in theWCCO parade in the early 1960s.

ade in the early 1960s.