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Michael Rustad's Memories

Einar Rustad

I was fascinated by the contributions of Ed Merck. I readall of the stories Ed contributed to my Uncle Einar Rustad who was a memberof the Class of 1939. I asked my Uncle Einar Rustad to comment on what itwas like to be a student in Humboldt High School in the the late 1930s.

Humboldt did not have a winning record in 1939 but hadsome good players. Einar Rustad was on the 1939 team that lost to Kennedy14 to 13. Einar tells me that Donald Kempf could hit baskets from the center-lineregularly. Einar said that Manford Blodget was also a star on the team.Walter Kiriluk was a good steady player and switched off with Einar at theguard position. Mark Baldwin was also one of the best players on the team.Humboldt's team had only 6 players and often played against teams with manymore players. Humboldt played Bronson, Kennedy, and Halma. Einar tells methat the score of 13 to 12 was low, but not unusually low. The coach wasJarvinen who also taught at the Humboldt school.

Manford was also a straight A student. Jane Matthew wasanother top student along with Margaret Knowlton.

Helen Tri taught English at the high school In the late1930s, German was taught at Humboldt High School. Dr. Sanderson taught German.There were only nine graduating seniors in the Class of 1939.

There were very few discipline problems in those days.Einar has memories of playing ping pong with Manford at the high school.

Einar Rustad is now retired and living with his wife, Francoise,in Victorville,

This memory was transcribed by Professor Michael Rustadin March of 1999.

stadin March of 1999.