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Michael Rustad's Memories


New Year's Eve of 1970


My best friend Myron Veenstra (now a prominent Grand Forkspsychologist and

expert witness) and I decided to spend New Years Eve withmy parents in


We brought our dates to a party at the Humboldt Hall with my parents Rusteeand
Patricia Rustad. The Humboldt party was held in the Humboldt Hall and my

most vivid memory was the pure fun we had.

Dorothy Finney played the piano and we danced traditional dances like thepolka

and waltz. I do not believe alcohol was served but we allhad a very good time

and it was truly a cooperative event. I remember that allof the guests brought

food and drinks and good strong Norwegian coffee to sustainthe revelers.

I do not remember a better New Year's Eve party than the one that celebratedthe
arrival of 1971.

arrival of 1971.