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Michael Rustad's Memories


Diamond's Pet Crow

Tom Lovejoy's memory of the talented crow reminds me ofDiamond's pet crow.

Nancy, Dennis and the rest of the Diamond kids nursed ababy crow to health
and it became a well known bird in Humboldt. Diamond's crow ate cheeriosas a young bird and was very intelligent. Some Humboldt residents wouldsay that crow was too intelligent. That crow had a good sense of humor.One of its favorite antics was to undo the clothes pins letting the clotheshit the ground. It would frequently sit on my sister Jamie's play-pen lookingfor stray peanut butter sandwiches. Nancy Diamond told me that her fatherHarvey received a number of complaints about the bird. The Rustad kids lovedthat bird and could not understand who would not love the bird.

In any case, Harvey told his kids that they would haveto release the bird out at the farm. Harvey drove out to the farm and saidgoodbye to the bird. When he arrived back at town, the bird was there togreet him! He gave in and let the bird stay! All of the kids in town weresad when the bird was killed by a window that fell on it during a wind storm.I believe that the bird was around from about 1956 to 1958 or so. We havepictures of the bird babysitting my sister Jamie. The Diamonds also hadone of the best dogs, beloved Brownie. Brownie was a perfect dog for thekids in the neighborhood and always loved going to ball games. Decades laterI still have fond memories of the Diamond's crow and their family dog!

This memory was resurrected by Michael Rustad based onexchanges of e-mails with Nancy Diamond Muir which included the pet crowstory.

the pet crowstory.