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Michael Rustad's Memories


Humboldt Restaurants in the 1950s and 1960s


Humboldt had a very fine restaurant in the 1950s housedin the old bank

building and run by Selmer and Selma Locken. Sandy Locken,a student at

Humboldt school, was a very pretty girl and daughter ofthe proprieters.

Selmer had a very fine electrical display supplied by Hamm'sbeer. We cannot

get Hamm's in the East but sometimes I do get thirsty forthe beer that came

from sky-blue waters! I hope there are Humboldites outthere that will

remember the Locken resturant. My Dad purchased the maltedmilk mixer from

the restaurant when it closed and we would enjoy the bestmalts around! I

still remember the beautiful wood booths. It was alwaysthe practice of

Humboldt residents to eat in the cafe after church. Oneof my most vivid

memories was when a hunting party headed by Ken Matthewsreturned from

Idaho with fresh elk. I had my first elk at Selmer's cafe.I have had only elk

several times since and it was never as good as what wasprepared at the cafe.

I thought that the closing of Selmer's resturant was quitea loss for the

community. Later, a restaurant opened across the street.Many residents will

remember Ken and Jean Voit who enjoyed country westernmusic even more

than cooking! The Voits opened the "It" cafeand promised entertainment as well

as a full-service cafe.


I wonder how many present or former residents will rememberthe

restaurant in Noyes run by Carmen Curtis. I have vividmemories of Carmen's

wonderful cafe. My Dad's Uncle Carl Rustad and Aunt Agotwere prominent

business persons in the great municipality of Noyes. Noyeshad a combination

store and post office just as Jim Florence ran for manyyears in Humboldt. I

am hoping that former residents will fill in the gaps inmy acocunts of

Humboldt cafes.


cunts of

Humboldt cafes.