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Pembina Rodeo


Michael Rustad


My sister Janine's husband, Jim Moris, is the organizer and the force behind the Pembina Rodeo. I use clips from a video of a rodeo from three years ago in my teaching of torts class. One year I developed my final examination with hypothetical disasters occurring at the Pembina Rodeo. Contrary to my examination hypothetical, the Pembina Rodeo is extremely well run and a popular event in the Great Northwest of the Upper Midwest. Jim's daughter Jill is interested in Rodeo and performs in riding events throughout N.D. and the vicinity. The Pembina Rodeo is one of those events that people look forward to all year round. I am hoping to get there next summer or very soon so I can see first-hand what I write about in my torts class! After my torts examination, I showed about 15 minutes of the video on the big screen. My brother-in-law is famous and so is rodeo. My students throught he made for a very handsome and authentic cowboy! Best, Mike  


Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Pembina Rodeo to feature calf tying, Aug. 16-17

Ty a calf and win a buckle in the Businessmen's Calf Tying during the 8th Annual Pembina-Red River Rodeo Aug. 16-17. To enter call Jim Moris at 886-7647 by Aug. 10.

The event will be during the rodeo with six teams Saturday night and six teams Sunday afternoon during deo performances. The entry fees are $10 per man/woman. The event is limited to 12, two-person teams.

Montana Silver Trophy Buckles go to the winning team.

Other activities for the weekend are a rodeo queen and princess contest, kids events during the rodeo, street dance, community church, and French Toast breakfast.