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Michael Rustad's Memories


Humboldt, St. Vincent Swim Team


In August of 1957, there was a swim meet held at Lake BronsonState Park.

Humboldt-St Vincent won the meet with 99 points. The secondplace team was

Lake Bronson with 69 followed by Lancaster with 40, Karlstadwith 39. Hallock

at 35 followed by Kennedy with 15. Orleans and Cariboufinished with 1 point.

I won a blue ribbon for the highly skilled event, the deadman's float with a

kick and a paddle. We had a number of blue ribbons thatday. Janice Bahr,

Gordie Franks, Raymond Franks, Dean Ritter, Johnny Cleem,Jim Sylvester all

took home first place blue ribbons. Our best female swimmerwas Mary Ryan

who had two blue ribbons. Reverend Ritter's oldest sonBob won three blue

ribbons. Red Ribbon winners winners that day were LoisOlsonowski, Kathy

Tri, Loren Lofberg, Richard Olsonowski, Nancy Diamond,Amy Johnson, John

Clem, John Brown, Michele Baldwin and Jim Sylvester. Wealso had white

ribbon winders: Frances Gooselaw, Verna Clem, Dennis Diamond,Rick Clem,

Michele Baldwin and Jim Sylvester.


The major force behind the swim program in those days wasSheldon

Fertig. The only instructor I remember was El Ray Fertig.Humboldt-St.

Vincent kids were bussed to Lake Bronson for Red Crosscertification. The

highlight of the day for me was purchasing treats at thestand. Ice cream

sandwiches were especially good fare as were the sugardaddies. I thought

that my biggest achievement was to finally make it outto the dock. I turned

out to be a rather atrocious diver and never a champion.However, on August

2, 1957 I was on the championship team and helped Humboldt-St.Vincent bring

home the gold.

St.Vincent bring

home the gold.