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Michael Rustad's Memories


Humboldt Track Team of 1964


I was a member of the Humboldt track team of 1964. Theother members were

Chuck Surface, Timothy Lietz, and myself. I remember competingin a

subdistrict track tournament in 1964. The only team memberthat had any

chance of placing was Chuck Surface who won his event.I remember running

the 100 yard dash against Doug Streed of Hallock. We hada rather

unsophisticated track program. I did not even run out ofrunning blocks and

it showed. I remember that Doug Streed ran the 100 in under10 seconds and I

finished well back in the pack. I don't ever remember practicingmuch for

track and it showed. I think that I finished the eventin about 12 seconds

and the fans felt sorry for me! I cannot remember Humboldtdoing well in

track and would appreciate it if other team members wouldcontribute their

memories of our teams.


of our teams.