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Michael Rustad's Memories


Humboldt Veterans

of the

Vietnam War


When I was a senior in high school, the Vietnam War wasin full force. I remember writing an editorial, "Teenager's Look atVietnam" which won a prize at the Bemidji State College high schooleditorial writing contest. Cynthia Baldwin, Marlys Diamond, Rhoda Symingtonand I were accompanied by Martha Roberts to the Humboldt conference.

In 1967, the sixth grade class of Mrs. Dale Finney (nowMiller). Her class corresponded with Judy Turner's brothers, Richard andVaughan who were both in Vietnam. Richard was in the Army and wrote theclass about the terrible conditions out in the field. He reported beingin a tent fighting mosquitos twice as large as the biggest Minnesota mosquitos.He also noted that the weather conditions were frequently intolerable. Temperaturesof 130 degrees were common.

He challenged the Humboldt football team that year to winjust one game for the Humboldt and St. Vincent boys serving in Vietnam.We did win one game that year beating Lake Bronson 20-6. Lake Bronson scoredthe first touchdown and was ahead at half 6-0. John Finney (Dale's son)recovered a fumble in the third quarter. Lenny Jerome ran 50 yards for ascore. Jerome also ran deep in Bronson territory and Humboldt scored onceagain. His brother Lee intercepted several passes and the score ended witha score 20-6. We finished that season 1-4-1 fulfilling Richard Turner'shope that we could win one for the boys in Vietnam.

Kittson County had a number of fine young soldiers whoserved in the Vietnam War. Dan Ingeman and Lenny Jerome members of my basketballteam served. There were a large number of other boys who served with distinction.Several boys from Hallock died in the war.

When I visited the War Memorial in Washington D.C., I touchedthe names of Kittson County kids that I knew who died in the war.

I knew who died in the war.