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Michael Rustad's Memories


Miss Ruth Younggren


Mr. Carelessness


Does anyone from Humboldt remember Mr. Old Man Carelessness.Mr.

Carelessness was a character created by Miss Younggrenthe first grade teacher

at Humboldt. In the early 1960s, Humboldt-St. Vincent receivednational

recognition or at least regional publicity for the amazingperformance of Miss

Youngrren's students.

I remember that Don Jacobs, a Reporter for the Grand ForksHerald, did a story

about Ms. Younggren's high achievers. There were two schoolsof thought

about Ms. Youngren's methods. Some parents felt that MissYounggren's

methods were too much pressure for 6 year olds. Anothergroup of parents were

pleased with the progress the school children had. I wonderwhat the long-

term assessment of Ms. Younggrens's First Grade Readingand Creative Writing

methods were. There seems to be a great number of highachievers who

graduated from her first grade.

I think of Mark Baldwin Jr. now a successful attorney asa good example of

someone who benefitted from Humboldt's school system. Also,there is Jerry

Boatz who is now a rocket scientist. I have personallyseen some of Jerry

Boatz's research on rocket fuel composition and I am ofthe firm opinion that his

research has been instrumental for our latest advancesin space exploration.

There are many other students from that era that enjoyedsimilar success.

dents from that era that enjoyedsimilar success.