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Harriet Fitzpatrick Short


My mother and father were Albert and Elizabeth Fitzpatrickwho told me many things about St. Vincent if you would care to hear aboutthem. Let me know if you would like me to relate whatever I can remember.I am their youngest daughter. My sister Alberta is also alive and is now88 years old. She and I live in Truth or Consquences, New Mexico.

Gordon and I sold our home in 1998 in St. Vincent. It wasthe homestead of my parents. We are so happy and really content to be awayfrom the severe winter weather. Once in a great while during the wintermonths we will get a skiff of snow but it will melt almost immediately duringthe day. It really is a retirement community and also there is a place 5miles from us called Elephant Butte that has a very large Lake and attractsvisitors from El Paso,TX and Albuqurque. On Holidays they have as many as80,000 people crowd into the area with their RVs.

We purchased a home that is new. It has 3 bedrooms, diningarea, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, living room, and laundry that is hidden by foldingdoors. The people are very friendly and you make friends very quickly here.Hope to hear from you. Two of my parents live in the Washington area whereyou are. They twin girls of Clara Fitzpatrick Johnson. Sincerely, HarrietFitzpatrick Short

It was great to get a message from you. Believe it or notbut I think somehow we are related also. I think all the relatives camedown from canada at the same time. My mother Elizabeth Fitzgerald Fitzpatrickrelated this story to me. Between the East end of St. Vincent and the oldelevator there was a turntable that turned the engines around for the train.When the 1897 flood occured it floated the turntable away. There was a sectionhouse at that location also but it disappeared at a later date. Gordon andI think it could possibly be around 1938 that it was taken out of that location.Will have to do the rest of this story later as I have a 11:30 appt. andit is now 11:20. Adios Harriet

1950 Flood

In the 1950 flood we could not live in our house as waterbecame 26 inches deep in the house. We moved to my mother's house 4 blockssouth of us right on the main street. We remained there until it came inon her floors and we had to leave and get on the army duck and evacuate.Gordon had to remain in the area as he worked for the railroad and theywere very busy sandbagging the railroad tracks so they woul not wash out.He said many times they had to crawl at nite as the water was freezing onthe ground and it was very slippery. I did not know this until it was allover and glad I didn't or else I would not have slept at night.

I was expecting our second child and Gordon took me onthe train to Bemidji where my sister Alberta lived and I stayed there fora short time til it was virtualy safe to come back. When Betty was bornthere was still water in our home so could not go back to live in the house.The day before she was born Gordon and I went by row boat up to our houseto pull some nails out of the floor as the masonite on the floor had beenruined because of the water being on it for at least six weeks.

We had left our home on the 17 of April and were unableto return until the 21 of June and I can tell you it was not pleasant withthe board floors and the walls were a mess also. It felt good tho to justbe back in our own home.

We are so happy to be where we are now and have many newfriends and just love it down here. We still went thru the 1966 flood beforethere was a dike put around the town. One thing to say for a flood thatif your house remains solid you at least have something to work with whereaswith a fire or tornado it is rather difficult to pick up the pieces so toto speak. We put something over the boards on the walls, something calleddeading felt so we could paper over it to get ready for winter. In the middleof the winter, because of the heating stove drying everything out, the boardsand the material over them split and it was the loudest noise - like thunderin the house. We were in the living room and it had cracked in the kitchenand we did not know what it was until we went and investigated.

Oh for the good old days! They can have them as they werenot as good as it may seem to the younger generation. We worked hard andalways seemed as if we took one step forward and slipped back two. We dothank our dear Lord for watching over us and always providing a way. PraiseHis name! He certainly has blessed us with a lovely home and many frienddown here so that we will not be lonely.

Gordon's brother Robert was married to Francis Gooselawwho was a daughter of Lawrence Gooselaw and the grandparents of Robert'swife were Zeb Gooselaw and wife. You could see their house from our housea block away. Bill Gooselaw lived just north of my parents where I grewup. St Vincent had many many Gooselaw families. I went to school with Geneand Jerome Gooselaw who were both killed in WW 11 in Sicily I think butnot positive. They were very nice families and were very good neighbors.Gordon's brother passed away in 1997 . His wife is living in Three Forks,Montana and I do not think she has remarried at least when we talked toher a few months ago she hadn't. Harriet

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