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Metherall, Joseph "Christopher"
B: 16 Apr 1862
D: 1947, Buried: Casumpec Cemetery, PEI, Canada
M: 17 Feb 1884, Sarah Catherine Annie Gorrill, in Cascumpec, PEI, dau of John Gorrill and Eleanor Ellis.

FN: Thomas Metherall
MN: Jane Gard


Four young brothers named Gorrill, William, John, Richard and Humphrey came to P.E.I. from Kilkhampton, Cornwall, England. The first three came in 1845 and Humphrey some 5 years later.

The earliest known ancestor of the Gorrills seems to be James Gorwyll who was married in 1540 at Barnstaple, North Devon, England.

Son, Thomas Gorwyll Sr., b. before 29 May 1542 m. Ellen Drew 24 Jan 1565.

Son Thomas Gorwill Jr., b. bef 10 Dec 1575 m. Joane Mantill 18 Jun 1604.

Son Samuel Gorwill, b. bef 6 Apr 1603 m. Elizabeth Barker 9 Apr 1635 (all at Barnstaple, North Devon, England.)

Son William Gorwell Sr., b. bef 19 Nov 1651 m. Mary Taylor 26 Oct 1676 at Bideford.

Son William Gorwell Jr., b. bef 20 Nov 1678 m. Thomasin Mollten 6 Jun 1693 at Bideford.

Son John I Gorwill, b. bef 7 Nov 1695 m. Jane Collacott 3 Jun 1724 at Shabbear.

Son John II Gorrel, b. bef 11 Mar 1735 m. Joan Bremicombe 14 Apr 1748 at Milton Damerel, about 10 miles south of Bideford.

Son John III Gorril, b. bef 14 Feb 1768 m. Grace Gowman 9 May 1787 (same).

Son John IV Gorril, b. bef 10 Feb 1797 m. Sarah Brooke 5 Apr 1820 at Milton Damerel in West Putford. John was a master cordwainer (pronounced cordner) a word derived from Cordova leather from which fine shoes and boots were fashioned. William was born in Milton Damerel,

Catherine in Stucombe, JOHN in Bradworthy, Richard, Humphry and Elizabeth Grace in Kilkhampton.

John Gorrill m. Eleanor F. (Zena) Ellis 24 Jul 1840

Children of Joseph Metherall and Sarah Gorrill:

Ella Ethel Metheral
B: 03 May 1885
D: 1942
M: 01 Sep 1909, Henry W. Gard (1884-1929) son of William Gard and Eliza Dickieson. Residence: Mill River. No issue.

Hattie Rose Metherall
B: 14 Jul 1887
D: 1951
M: Edward Clark, Jr.

Children of Edward Clark, Jr. and Hattie Rose Metherall:

Son Clark
M: Marilyn

Daughter Clark

Daughter Clark

Son Clark

Daughter Clark

Thomas R. Metherall
B: 01 Nov 1891
D: 1891, age 2 months

Florence Metherall
B: 06 Apr 1893
D: 1976
M: Robert Hunter born 30 Oct 1889 to Allen and Maggie Hunter on a farm in Lot 5.

Children of Robert Hunter and Florence Metherall:

Daughter Hunter
M: Unknown Horne, son of Robert Horne

Son Horne
M: Sheryl

Son Horne
M: Smallman

Son Horne
Son Horne

Daughter Horne

Daughter Horne


John "Sergeant" Metherall
B: 08 Jul 1898
D: 1969
M: Mahala Horne, no children

Mable Fielding Metherall
B: 12 Jul 1901
M: Fred Macrae d. 1968


and was baptized in the Anglican Church, Alberton 7 November 1862. Sarah married at Cascumpec 17 February 1884 Joseph Christopher Metherall, who was born 16 April 1862 to Thomas Metherall (1821-1893) and Jane Gard (1824-1917). Christopher died in 1947 and Sarah died in 1953. They are all buried in the Metherall family plot in the Cascumpec United cemetery.


1.Ella Ethel3 Metherall (Sarah Jane2 John1 Gorrill), born 3 May 1885, married 1 September 1909 Henry Gard (1884-1929), son of William Gard and Eliza Dickieson. Residence: Mill River. No issue.

2.Hattie Rose3 Metherall (Sarah Jane2 John1 Gorrill), 14 July 1887-1951, married Edward Clark, Jr.

son Clark married Marilyn ______


a.a. daughter5 Clark

b.(2) son4 Clark married Winnie ______

c.a. daughter5 Clark

d.b. daughter5 Clark

e.c. son5 Clark

f.d. daughter5 Clark


1.Thomas R.3 Metherall (Sarah Jane2 John1 Gorrill), died 1 November 1891, age 2 months

2.Florence3 Metherall (Sarah Jane2 John1 Gorrill), 6 April 1893-1976, married Robert Hunter, who was born 30 October 1889 to Allen and Maggie Hunter on a farm in Lot 5.


1.daughter4 Hunter married ____ Horne, son of Robert Horne


a.son5 Horne married Sheryl _____

b.son5 Horne married ______ Smallman


a.son6 Horne

b.son6 Horne


a.daughter5 Horne

b.daughter5 Horne


1.John Sargent3 Metherall (Sarah Jane2 John1 Gorrill), 8 July 1898-1969, married Mahala Horne, no children

2.Mable Fielding3 Metherall (Sarah Jane2 John1 Gorrill), born 12 July 1901, married Fred MacRae, who died in 1968

1.Joyce Addie4 MacRae died at the age of six months