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Miller, Robert E.
D: 29 Dec 1999, age 71, Stockton, CA
M: Donna

FN: Sylvan Miller
MN: Unknown

Children of Robert Miller and Unknown:

Mark Miller
M :

Children of Mark Miller and Unknown:
Alec Miller
Kelsey Miller
Kevin Miller (stepson)

Laurie Miller
M: No children and recently remarried

Daniel Miller
M: Unknown, has a boy and a girl

David Miller
M: Elaine Unknown

Source: Patricia Miller Herzog

Bob went to Africa in 1999 and he had all of the shots required and he should have had one more... but not required. He was on a Photo Safari and he had always wanted to go to Africa but his wife did not so she stayed home. He had a good time there but he was bitten by the tetse fly and he became quite ill. He went in January. He became ill in early March... so ill he was rushed to the hospital.. they did an EKG and his heart was really bad. They operated on him thinking this would be a triple bypass but they discovered not only was surgery not needed - the fly caused the shell that surrounds the heart to become extremely hard so when that shell was removed the heart beat pretty normal. He did pretty good after that and then in December of the same year he caught a cold and then pneumonia and ended up in the hospital again. His heart did give out and he died the day after my birthday on December 29. So we flew down and spent New Years Eve in California and returned home on January 2. I still cannot believe that he is gone.

He had a farm outside of Stockton, California and raised a marvelously close knit family of 4 children: Mark who is a child psychologist with the school department and has his masters...Laurie who majored in art design but is a corporate manager for a huge nursing home chain in Calif..Daniel and David are federal correctional guards in different prisons in California. Mark has 2 children Alec and Kelsey and a stepson Kevin. Laurie has no children and recently remarried...Daniel has 2 a boy and a girl and David is married to Elaine and no children. David married a Japanese girl so we have a whole slew of new relations. She was a deputy sherriff. The kids are very very close and being the old girl she is really tied to her brothers. They have one neat family and they were all 4H members and raised various animals.