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Mortenson, Hogan (Hagan or Hokan)
B: 14 Apr 1866, Sweden
E: Emigrated with his parents to the U.S. in 1874. His parents and their three youngest children settled in Skane Township in the late fall of 1880.
D: 14 Apr 1932, 66th birthday
M: 1892, Betsie (or Betsy) Mattson b. 1871 in Smaland, Sweden and came to Kittson County with her parents in 1881. Betsie d. Sep 1935.

FN: Peter Mortenson
MN: Elna Hokanson

Children of Hogan Mortenson and Betsie Mattson:

Gertie Mortenson
B: 1893
D: 1893

Herbert Francis Mortenson
B: 14 Jul 1897
D: 1967
M: 1938, Helen Warness d. shortly after 1969

Children of Herbert Mortenson and Helen Warness:

Peter Mortenson
M: Doris Humes

Children of Peter Mortenson and Doris Humes:

Richard Mortenson

Jill Mortenson

Sandra Mortenson
M: Walter Lizakowski

Children of Walter Lizakowski and Sandra Mortenson:

Chad Lizakowski

Jamie Lizakowski

Charles Mortenson
M: Jan Hatterman

Children of Charles Mortenson and Jan Hatterman:

Jeffrey Charles Mortenson

Christopher Lee Mortenson

Diane Mortenson
M: Richard Brettinger

Children of Richard Brettinger and Diane Mortenson:

Staci Brettinger

Stephanie Brettinger

Dean Mortenson

Martin Edwin (or Edwin Martin) Mortenson
B: 1900
D: 1960
M: 1923, Myrtle Inez Gustafson b. 1898

Children of Martin Edwin Mortenson and Myrtle Gustafson:

Harris Mortenson
M: May 1948, Evelyn Krogstad, dau of Ole & Bertha Krogstad

Children of Harris Mortenson and Evelyn Krogstad:

Robert Mortenson
M: Ilene Rindahl

Children of Robert Mortenson and Ilene Rindahl:

Heather Mortenson

Anthony Mortenson

Nancy Mortenson
M: Paul Johnson

Children of Paul Johnson and Nancy Mortenson:

Ryan Johnson

Nicole Johnson

Bruce Mortenson
M: Mary Unknown

Children of Bruce Mortenson and Mary Unknown:

Drew Mortenson

Kelly Mortenson

Carey Mortenson

Justin Mortenson (twin)

Kirsten Mortenson (twin)

Barbara Mortenson
M: Kirk Costin

Children of Kirk Costin and Barbara Mortenson:

Kate Costin

Natalie Costin

Cara Costin

Julie Mortenson
M: Brian Younggren (and had 4 kids)

(record is not clear about the above or below)

Heather Mortenson said that Danny Mortenson, David Mortenson, Betty Mortenson, Marian Mortenson and Marcia Mortenson are all Harris Mortenson's siblings and the other 5 children of Martin Edwin Mortenson and Myrtle Gustafson. Heather is Harris' eldest granddaughter.

David Mortenson

Danny Mortenson

Betty Mortenson
M: Vernon Wicklund

Marian Mortenson
M: Donald Pearson

Marcia Mortenson
M: Dean Severson

Ella Irene Mortenson
B: 1901
D: 1955
M: 1925, Carl Spangrud

Hannah Elizabeth Mortenson
B: 1903
D: 1977
M: 1928, Edgar Mattson

Theodora Judith Mortenson
B: 1904
D: 1912

Florence Elvira Mortenson
B: 1905
D: 1906

Edgar Lorance Mortenson
B: 1907
D: 1965
M: 1942, Lillian Berg

Oly Edythe Evelyn Mortenson
B: 1909
M: 1937, Clifford Lilliquist