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Munro, Hilda Ann
B: 28 Aug 1879, N. Wiltshire, PEI, Canada
D: 02 Apr 1963, Cavalier, Pembina County, North Dakota. Bur: St. Vincent Cemetery
M: 09 Jul 1899, William Huestis Easter b. Oct 1874 d. 08 Mar 1939, St. Vincent, MN. Bur: St. Vincent Cemetery.

FN: Peter Munro
MN: Lucetta Clow

Children of William Huestis Easter and Hilda Ann Munro:

1. Vera Blanche Easter
B: 18 Jun 1900, St. Vincent, Kittson County, Minnesota
D: 1988
M: 24 Jun 1926, William S. Ash (12 Dec 18997 - 1981) son of William Ash and Carrie Amanda Cederholm. William Bur. St. Vincent Cemetery

2. Hilda Ruth Easter
B: 04 Aug 1902, St. Vincent, MN
M: 24 Jun 1926, Arnold Norum. Double wedding with sister. Had three daughters: Rose Marie, Donna, and Patti.

3. Stephen Sherman Easter
B: 25 Mar 1905, St. Vincent, MN
M: Myrtle Pelskedahl. One daughter, Barbara, and one son, Stephen