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Nelson, Albert b. 1872 m. Marta Viktoria Jonasdotter

Nelson, Albin b. 1897 m. Clara Warnes

Nelson, Albin M. b. - m. -

Nelson, Albin Morris b. 1888 m. Lillie Eleanor Johnson

Nelson, Alfred William b. - m. Mary Mathilda Peterson

Nelson, Alton Ervin b. 1898 m. Minnie Joan Kautz

Nelson, Andrew b. 1866 m. Hilma Malm

Nelson, Andrew b. 1868 m. Anna Johnson

Nelson, Andrew P. b. 1865 m. Christena Steen

Nelson, Anton b. - m. Anna Marie Cristiansen

Nelson, Bennie Edward b. 1890 m. Evelyn Hawkinson

Nelson, Carl b. 1885 m. Agnes Rosberg

Nelson, Carl b. 1874 m. Anna Bengtson

Nelson, C. N. b. - m. -

Nelson, Cornelius b. 1887 m. Mary Unknown

Nelson, Dennis b. 1920 m. Violet I. Gustafson

Nelson, Donald Paul b. 1913 m. Vernie Lucille Myers

Nelson, E. A. b. - m. Florence D. Unknown

Nelson, Earl Norman b. 1922 m. Audrey Soderfelt Gustavson

Nelson, Elmer Theodore b. - m. Unknown

Nelson, Ernest Peter b. 1872 m. Leida Stella De Mars

Nelson, Herman b. - m. Myrtle Flugstad

Nelson, Hubert b.

Nelson, Jeppa b. 1850 m. Maria Svensson

Nelson, John b. - m. Mary Ellen Carlson

Nelson, Lewis b. 1871

Nelson, Louis b. - Annie

Nelson, Martin O. b. - m. Kristina

Nelson, Nels b. - m. Christina Pearson

Nelson, Nels b. 1888 m. Nellie Johnson

Nelson, Nils b. 1804 m. Matta Hansdotter

Nelson, Ole O. b. 1857 m. Cecelia Holmquist

Nelson, Peter b. - m. Unknown

Nelson, Robert C. b. 1918 m. Irene Larson

Nelson, Verner b. - 1906 m. Madeline Unknown

Nelson, Waldamar "Wally" b. - m. Ellen Anderberg

Nelson, Wallace b. - m. Forence Blomquist

Nelson, William (Bill) b. - Dagny Hansen

Nelson, William J. b. - m. Ida Teal

Nelson, William R. b. 1930 m. Maxine Moritz

The Nelson information was difficult to follow and all corrections are welcome.