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Nordstrom, Peter
B: Sveg, Province of Harjedalen, Swden
D: 21 Oct 1959, age 94
M: 28 Mar 1899, Agda Unknown. She had arrived in Hallock from Stockholm, Sweden about four years before and already had a sister living in Hallock. Agda d. 1963, age 85

FN: Unknown
MN: Unknown

Peter came to America 01 May 1882 when he was 17 years old. There were 10 children in the Nordstrom family, five girls and five boys.

Children of Peter Nordsrom and Agda Unknown:

Betsy Nordstrom
M: Unknown Pearson

Anne Nordstrom
M: Walter Evenson, had 3 children

Elsie Nordstrom
M: Allen Hardy

Edith Nordstrom
D: Had one daughter

Lawrence Nordstrom
M: Never married

Mabel Nordstrom
B: 15 Apr 1909, near Lancaster, MN
D: 05 Apr 1995, Kittson Memorial Nursing Home, Hallock, MN
M: (1) 1929, Oscar Glad who d. 1965
M: (2) 23 Oct 1966, Raymond Clow

Children of Mabel Nordstrom:

Wayne Glad

Olga Nordstrom
D: 1922, age 15

Nordstrom, Olof (Ole)
B: 11 Feb 1868, Sveg, Duberg, Sweden
D: 1959, age 91
E: 1882, age of 14 with his parents and eight of his sisters and brothers. At that tiime they took the name of Nordstrom.
M: Alma Ryden d. 1971, age 94

FN: Swen Larson
MN: Britta Larson

Children of Olof Nordstrom and Alma Ryden:

Viola Nordstrom
B: 23 Jan 1899
D: 30 Jan 206, age 107
M: John Bailey

Children of John Bailey and Viola Nordstrom:

They were reported to have three daughters.

Maurice Nordstrom
M: Alice, they had a son, Duane

Vernet Nordstrom

Lylla Nordstrom
M: Ted Jansen

Clarence Nordstrom
M: Genevieve Bashforth

Nick Nordstrom
M: Merry Lou Alguire

Clara Nordstrom
M: 1930, Clarence Sundberg

Bessie Nordstrom
B: Warren, MN
M: Earl Sundberg