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Norum, Iver
B: Indero, Norway
D: 11 Apr 1954
M: 28 Nov 1896, Ingeborg Melhus, in Grafton, ND d. 05 Aug 1953


Children of Iver Norum and Ingeborg Melhus:

Ingvald Norum
D: 08 Oct 1972
M: (1) Ruth Thompson d. shortly after giving birth to twin daughters, Karen and Kay
M: (2) Laura Stave, they had 2 boys: Arden and Grant

Arnold Norum
B: 1898, Hallock, MN
D: 29 Jun 1975
M: (1) Ruth Easter
M: (2) Rita Bridges

George Norum
M: Agnes Norum

Children of George Norum and Agnes Norum:

Gordon Norum
M: Emma

Kenneth Norum
M: Alice

Marlow Norum
M: Carol

Donald Norum
M: Mary Anne

Janice Norum
B: 28 Nov 1940
D: 07 Dec 2003, at home
M: Bill Unknown

Children of Bill Unknown and Janice:





Myrtle Norum
D: 07 Aug 1966
M: Elias Overlid

Children of Elias Overlid and Myrtle Norum:

Laverne Overlid

Warren Overlid

Elaine Overlid

Ronald Overlid

Marlene Overld

Karen Overlid

Mildred Norum
M: Clarence Anderson d. 06 Jul 1975

Children of Clarence Anderson and Mildred Norum:

Charles Anderson

Mavis Anderson

Diane Anderson

Lois Anderson

Ralph Norum

Alice Norum
B: Hallock, MN
D: 22 Aug 2001, Longview, WA
M: Maurice Nordstrom

Children of Maurice Nordstrom and Alice Norum:

Duane Nordstrom

Dean Nordstrom

Dana Nordstrom

Lloyd Norum
D: 09 Dec 1968