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Olzanowski, Stanislous
D: 1925, age 69
M: (1) Rose Unknown
M: (2)
Mary Unknown

FN: Unknown
MN: Unknown

Stanislous and Rose, along with their daugher, Josephine, came over from Poland in the 1880's. He worked in the mines in Pennsylvania before coming to Minnesota. He homesteaded on 160 acres of land in section 28 of Richardville township. The homestead was signed and sealed by President Theodore Roosevelt. This land now belongs to John and Florence Gorski.

Around the time Stanislous settled in Minnesota, his wife, Rose, died leaving 6 children. Stanislous remarried around 1905 to Mary Hocoluk and they raised an additional 9 children.

Stanislous died in 1925 at the age of 69 but Mary lived until July 24, 1965 at age 82.

Stanislous and his family were busy farming. They milked about 20 cows, with everyone doing their share to help out. When the children weren't busy milking and separating the cream to sell, they were busy gardening so that their cellar could have a good supply of food for the long cold winters in Northern Minnesota. They also did their share to help cut wood for the stove to keep them warm in the winter. If they weren't too tired after a long day of hard work, their evenings were spent playing cards and reading by candle light - there was no such thing as electricity in their house.

Their Sunday gatherings were at Holy Rosary Catholic church in Lancaster. Of course, they either walked or got there by horse and buggy as that was the means of travel.

Christmas was a special time in their home as they always shared a big meal on Christmas Eve. The main present was an apple for each child.

They used a team of horses and a covered rig to get around and just like now days you could get caught out in a storm. One time it took them 3 days to get home because the horses got stuck in the snow bank. Good thing they had neighbors! After awhile, some of the children got their drivers licenses by going and applying for them. There was no test like there is now days.

As the children grew, some left home and never kept in contact, as it was a difficult thing in those days. Because of this, there are some family members on which we do not have any family history. I hope someday we will find some long lost relative and get to know that family too.

This information was prepared in 1998 by Janet Olsonawski with the help of her computer literate son, Tad, PO Box 305, Hallock, MN 56728 in 1998. She would be pleased to hear from all who have additional information.

Children of Stanislous Olzanowski and Rose Unknown:

1. Josephine Olzanowski
B: 1889
D: Dec
M: Unknown

2. Joseph Olsonawski
B: 19 Feb 1891
D: 23 Jan 1951
M: Julia Vunk, b. 14 Apr 1895 d. 29 Oct 1977, dau of Joseph and Ann Vunk from Poland

3. Steve Olsonoski (note the different spelling)
B: 1897
D: 1958
M: (1) Francis Unknown d. 1919
M: (2) Thelma Beck b. 1900 d. 1981

4. Katherine Rose Olsonoski (note the different spelling)
B: 31 Mar 1899
D: 21 Dec 1982
M: Arthur Berg b. 25 Jul 1896 d. 30 Nov 1943

5. William Olsonoski (note the different spelling)
B: 23 Apr 1902
D: 27 Dec 1958
M: Verna Unknown b. 28 Oct 1908 d. 10 Nov 1981

6. Frank Olzanowski
B: 1904
D: Dec
M: Unknown

Children of Stanislous Olzanowski and Mary Unknown:

1. Stanley Olsonoski
B: 1906
M: Helen Unknown

2. Helen Olsonoski
B: 03 Aug 1909
D: 27 Nov 2000, Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, Idaho Falls, ID
M: 27 Sep 1930, George Sylvestor b. 1889 d. 1973

3. Rose Olsonoski
B: 14 Apr 1911
M: Joe Graboski b. 20 Mar 1902 d. 1978

4. Felix Olsonoski
B: 1912
M: Phyliss Unknown

5. Edward Olsonoski
B: 16 Sep 1914
M: Rose Unknown b. 13 Feb 1933

6. Victoria Olsonoski
B: 16 Nov 1916
M: Erland Widerstrand

7. Anne Helen Olsonoski
B: 1918
D: 1951
M: Melvin Nealis b. 1920

8. Martha Olsonoski
B: 20 Aug 1920
M: Nick Cherkez b. 07 Nov 1914 d. 25 Nov 1992

9. Vincent Olsonoski
B: 10 Jul 1922
M: Verna Unknown