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Peterson, John
M: Emma Berghetti Bull Jenson

FN: Unknown
MN: Unknown

Emma Berghetti Bull was b. 02 Feb 1863 in Numedalen, Norway. She married Peter Conrad Jenson. Emma and Peter had 3 girls and 3 boys. Peter d. 1897 in Norway. Emma immigrated to Kittson County with her six children to join her sister, Petra (Mrs. Martin Olson) and Mrs. Andra Bach.

Children of Peter Jenson and Emma Bull:

Jennie Jensen
D: As a young girl

Otto Jensen (changed his name to Boneman)
M: Inga Bogestad

Children of Otto and Inga:

M: Merice Torkelson


Einar Jensen
M: Nora

Children of Einar and Nora:



Iver Jensen

Agnes Jenson
M: Baldwin Kuchenbecker

Children of Baldwin Kuchenbecker and Agnes Jenson:

Eugene Kuchenbecker

Baldwin Kuchenbecker

Christine Jenson
M: Toro Enebo

Children of Toro Enebo and Christine Jenson:

Stanley Enebo

Herman Enebo

Edwiin Enebo

Children of John Peterson and his Unknown wife:

Ella Peterson

Peter Peterson

Louise Peterson
M: Charlie Lee, and moved to Seattle, WA. Children: Marjorie and Edwin.

Georgia Peterson
M: Hans Inval Evenson

Children of Hans Evenson and Georgia Peterson:

George Evenson

Vernon Evenson

Amelia Peterson
M: John Arthur Anderson

Children of John Anderson and Amelia Peterson:

Lloyd Anderson

Harold Anderson

Glen Anderson

Daughter Anderson

Anna Peterson
M: Hans Alfred Johnson

Children of Hans Alfred Johnson and Anna Peterson:

Alfred Johnson

Walter Johnson

Alice Johnson

Rhoda Peterson
M: John Johnson

Children of John Johnson and Rhoda Peterson:

Gladys Johnson

Shirley Johnson


Children of John Peterson and Emma Jenson:

Stella Peterson
M: Lawrence Dagen

Children of Lawrence Dagen and Stella Peterson:

Meredith Dagen

Lorraine Dagen

Lillian Peterson
M: Walter Holzmacher

Children of Walter Holzmacher and Lillian Peterson:

Marylou Holzmacher

Jeanette Holzmacher

Nancy Holzmacher

Donald Holzmacher

Eddie John Peterson
M: Selma Anderson

Children of Eddie John Peterson and Selma Anderson:

Mary Ann Peterson
B: Adopted 1933
D: 1970
M: Lyle Swanson

Children of Lyle Swanson and Mary Ann Peterson:

Terrance (Terry) Swanson

Cynthia Swanson

Kimberly Swanson

Dannette Swanson

Richard Swanson

Alyce Peterson
M: Wallace Beckman

Children of Wallace Beckman and Alyce Peterson:

Curtis Beckman

Gerald Beckman

Archie Peterson
M: Edna Dicken

Children of Archie Peterson and Edna Dicken:

Karen Peterson

Sandra Peterson