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Peterson, Pete M.
M: Mathilda Johansdotter

FN: Unknown
MN: Unknown

Red River Township was organized in 1880 and officially in 1881. P. M. Peterson farmed at Moorhead in the 1870's. In those days the grain binders tied the bundles with wire. When the three years of cinch bugs chased the Goodhue County Swedes up to Kittson County in 1880, P. M. who immigrated to Moorhead a few years before, got the urge to join his friends in Red River Township. He bought land in Sec. 1-161, in 1882, but went back to Moorhead for the winter. In 1883, he tried to drive up with a load of lumber for a shanty, his plow and two mules and a horse, but got stuck so many times that he drove down to the river, hailed a steamboat an drove aboard. The Captain let him off two miles west of Sec. 1. A schoolhouse and a store were built in the community, which was called Mattson P.O. Bowesmont was located on the Dakota River bank, but later moved to the railroad. P. M. drove back to Moorhead in the fall. Next spring he loaded all his goods on a railroad car and settled down for good and married Mathilda Johansdotter.

Children of Pete M. Peterson and Mathilda Johansdotter:

Gunard Peterson

Henry Evald Peterson
D: 06 Jan 1968, Hallock, MN
B: 17 Nov 1887, Skane Township
M: 01 Jan 1923, Nannie Florence Eleanor Hanson b. 26 Sep 1893

Children of Henry Peterson and Nannie Hanson:

Marian Eleanor Peterson
B: 10 Nov 1924
M: 20 Jun 1948, Andy Louis Sjostrand b. 14 Feb 1922

Children of Andy Louis Sjostrand and Marian Peterson:

Delores Eleanor Sjostrand
B: 17 Jan 1952, Hallock, MN
M: Jun 1971, Richard Kantorowicz

Thomas Alden Sjostrand
B: 29 Dec 1954, Hallock, MN

Robert Louis Sjostrand
B: 17 Oct 1956, Hallock, MN
M: Mona

Children of Robert Sjostrand and Mona:

Robert Louis Sjostrand, Jr.
B: Apr 1974

Son Sjostrand
B: 01 May 1964
D: 01 May 1964, stillborn

Gary Nathan Sjostrand
B: 19 May 1967

Ruth Geraldine Peterson
B: 21 Feb 1927, at the farm home in Red River
M: 16 Dec 1950, John McCall Deere b. 18 Feb 1922

Children of John Deere and Ruth Peterson:

Joel Patrick Deere
B: 19 May 1951, Hallock, MN
D: 05 Oct 1975

Joni Lynne Deere
B: 06 Dec 1952, Hallock, MN
M: 01 Jul 1972, Keith Finney

Children of Keith Finney and Joni Lynne Deere:

Erik Joel Finney
B: 12 Jan 1974

John Daniel Deere
B: 21 Jul 1957, Drayton, ND

Juli Kay Deere
B: 22 Jul 1959, Hallock, MN

Jeffrey Peter Deere
B: 18 Nov 1960

Afred (Alf) Peterson
M: Edith Florence Lindahl

Sandra Peterson

Ethel Peterson

Spenard Peterson

Henry Alden Peterson
B: 17 Jan 1930, Hallock, MN
D: 22 Oct 1971
M: 07 Jan 1961, Helen Ann Martini b. 02 May 1936

Children of Henry Alden Peterson and Helen Ann Martini:

Janet Marie Peterson
B: 23 Mar 1964, Grand Forks, ND

Barbara Ann Peterson
B: 02 Apr 1965, Grand Forks, ND

Noel Alden Peterson
B: 13 Mar 1967, Grand Forks, ND


Adina Peterson
B: 10 Apr 1900, Red River
M: Clyde Bailey