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Peterson, Per
B: 21 Jul 1856
E: 1893
D: 27 Dec 1947
M: (1) Caroline Unknown b. 28 Apr 1863 d. 28 Apr 1936
M: (2) Nora Nordin d. 1950
M: (3) Lydia (Stark) Kain


Children of Per Peterson and Caroline Unknown:

Per Alfred Peterson

Maria Peterson
M: Otto Palm

Sophia Peterson
M: August Bernstrom b. 1885 Hallock, MN d. 1963

Children of August Bernstrom and Sophia Peterson:

Ida Peterson
M: Mandi Johnson

Selma Peterson

Adolf Peterson
D: Age 3

Olaf E. Peterson
B: 07 Sep 1904 (the youngest of six children)

Two brothers passed away - one as a baby in Sweden and another 3 years old in the U.S., Poppleton Township.

Children of Per Peterson and Nora Nordin:

Carolyn Peterson
M: Tom Kucera

Marlin Peterson

Diane Peterson
M: Wayne Erickson

Arlie Peterson