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Poole, John George
B: 21 May 1870, Norden, Germany
E: 1892, with his cousin, Mynart Bartmann
D: 21 Sep 1959, age 89
M: 25 Nov 1919, Hilma Anderson b. 06 Oct 1891 to Charles and Mathilda Anderson d. 23 Aug 1942

FN: George Poole
MN: Martha

Children of John George Poole and Hilma Anderson:

Edythe Poole
M: Don Piersol

Children of Don Piersol and Edythe Poole:

John Piersol

Steven Piersol

Lynne Piersol

Martha Poole
M: Grant Lindholm

Children of Grant Lindholm and Martha Poole:

Elizabeth Lindholm
M: Don Joiner

Robert Lindholm
M: Terri Green

Children of Robert Lindholm and Terri Green:

Michael Lindholm

Viola Poole
M: George Carlson d. 1960

Children of George Carlson and Viola Poole:

Carola Carlson

Barbara Carlson
M: Gary Mattson

Children of Gary Mattson and Barbara Carlson:

Lee Mattson

Andrea Mattson

George Poole
M: Iris Rydberg

Children of George Poole and Iris Rydberg:

Kristi Poole

Vicki Poole

Sharon Poole

Michelle Poole

Loralee Poole

Ruth Poole
M: Julian Silver

Children of Julian Silver and Ruth Poole:

Gail Silver

Timothy Silver

Vergil Poole
M: Joyce Anderson

Children of Vergil Poole and Joyce Anderson:

Corwin Poole

Michael Poole

Kenneth Poole
M: Donna Tangen

Children of Kenneth Poole and Donna Tangen:

Sheryl Poole
M: Fayne Wiegel

Diane Poole

David Poole