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Red River Valley Newspaper Articles


Dec 1879 to May 1880 TheRed River of the North By Henry Van Dyke, Jr.
(Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume LX)

Apr 1886 Old Times In The Red River Valley.
The Days of Staging and Flat Boating- "Gary," Fargo and Moorhead - Old Timers and New Comers.By George B. Elliott, No. 1.
(The Northwestern Farmer And Breeder)

- - 1886 Old Times In The Red River Valley.
Heap's and Long's Lines - Some OldStage Yarns. By George B. Elliott, No. 3. (The Northwestern Farmer andBreeder)

20 Sep 1886 Old Times In The Red River Valley.
St. Vincent, "Uncle John,"The Pacific Hotel, "Col. Flake," Boom and Bust. By GeorgeB. Elliott, No. 5.
(The Northwestern Farmer and Breeder)

16 Nov 1894 Napoleon Jerome- Wolf Chase (Kittson County Enterprise)

06 Apr 1906 Sam Jerome- Wild West Show (Kittson County Enterprise)

25 Jun 1915 AnHistoric Spot (The Pembina Pioneer Express)

03 Mar 1943 County Boy ReportedMissing - Albert J. Jerome
(Kittson County Enterprise)

07 Mar 1945 Father Hears FromSon In Jap Prison Camp - Albert J. Jerome (Kittson County Enterprise)

19 Dec 1951 Last Son Of County'sFirst Settler Dies; Rites Today (Samuel Jerome's Life Reaches End Of Trail.Last Survivor of Andre Jerome Family. (Kittson County Enterprise)

About 1975 Retired bakersays bread not like it used to be - Darrel Koehler, Herald Staff Writer.

29 Jun 1983 Andre Jerome First Settlerin the County
(Kittson County Enterprise)

31 Jul 1996 Mattson'sCentury Farm (Kittson County Enterprise)

07 Aug 1996 U.S. government honorsformer Humboldt resident, Cal Farley, with postage stamp
(Kittson County Enterprise)

01 Apr 1998 The declineof the family farm: When did it begin? Cindy Stewart (Kittson CountyEnterprise)

08 Apr 1998 Ag crisisripples through economy, Cindy Stewart (Kittson County Enterprise)

22 Apr 1998 1997 censusestimates show population loss in Kittson County, Cindy Stewart (KittsonCounty Enterprise)

27 May 1998 OffThe Land by Scott Kilman, The Wall Street Journal

27 May 1998 Anotherdisaster plagues Kittson County (Kittson CountyEnterprise)

15 Jul 1998 Humboldt United Methodist Church 100th Anniversary(Kittson County Enterprise)

12 Aug 1998 Red RiverValley Website (Kittson County Enterprise)

07 Dec 1998 U.S. Farmers Block Imports From Canada At Border, The Associated Press,by Brian White

Fall / Winter 1998 KittsonCounty Historical Society News Supplement to North Star News, Karlstad,MN 218-436-2157 Email:

02 Feb 1999 EnterpriseWins State Award (Kittson County Enterprise)

07 Apr 1999 KittsonCounty Historical Society Genealogy Contest (KittsonCounty Enterprise)

29 Mar 2000 HumboldtSchool Building Goes Down (Kittson County Enterprise)

In Days Gone By (Kittson County Enterprise)

html">In Days Gone By (Kittson County Enterprise)