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Ramsay, Malcolm
B: 04 Sep 1824
D: 1898, age 73
M: 1851 at age 26 (1) Eunice Gardiner
M: 1856 at age 31 (2) Mary Owens

FN: Malcolm Ramsay
MN: Catherine Reilly

Child of Malcolm Ramsay and Eunice Gardiner:

Penelope Ramsay

Children of Malcolm Ramsay and Mary Owens:

Ellen Montgomery Nellie Ramsay
B: 28 Aug 1858, Montrose, PEI
D: 16 Jun 1928, age 69, Bayview, PEI

Clemmie Ramsay
B: Abt 1860, Montrose, PEI

George A. Ramsay
B: Abt 1862, Montrose, PEI

Martha S. Ramsay
B: Abt 1864, Montrose, PEI