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Rosberg, Carl August
B : 28 Jan 1880, Skane, Sweden
D: Entered Valley Home in 1973, when he was 93.
M: 15 Dec 1902, Hulda Pantzar d. 1930

FN: John Rosberg
MN: Elna Unknown

Children of Carl Rosberg and Hulda Pantzar:

Harry Rosberg
M: 1935, Anne Gustafson

Children of Harry Rosberg and Anne Gustafson:

Corrinne Rosberg
M: Roland Nyberg, a young widower with 4 children, Francis Nyberg, Phillip Nyberg, Ingrid Nyberg, Roger Nyberg

Children of Roland Nyberg and Connie Rosberg:

Vonnett Nyberg

Harriet Rosberg
M: David Dahl

Children of David Dahl and Harriet Rosberg:

Jason Dahl

Jarrett Dahl

Carla Rosberg

Susan Rosberg

Lillie Rosberg
B: 28 Sep 1905, Kennedy, MN
D: 08 May 1996, Methodist Hospital, Arcadia, CA
M: 14 May 1933, Darrell Edwards

Children of Darrell Edwards and Lillie Rosberg:

Corliss Edwards
M: Donald Buchanan

Children of Donald Buchanan and Corliss Edwards:

Kelly Jo Buchanan

David Carl Buchanan

Kurth Buchanan
M: Nancy Lee Imhof

Children of Kurth Buchanan and Nancy Lee Imhof:

Linda Buchanan

Thomas Buchanan

Violet Rosberg
M: 1951, Paul Holgren. Violet became mother to his three motherless sons, Paul Jr., Robert, and John.

Ruby Rosberg
M: 1934, Oscar A. Gustafson

Children of Oscar A. Gustafson and Ruby Rosberg:

Arden Gustafson

Maida Gustafson
M: Don Holmquist

Children of Don Holmquist and Maida Gustafson:

Desiree Holmquist

Jeff Holmquist

Jewell Gustafson
M: James Gamble

Children of James Gamble and Jewell Gustafson:

Brett Gamble

Troy Gamble