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Rundkvist, Frans Oscar
B: 10 Mar 1865, Lerbeck, Orebro, Sweden
E: 1892. He first came to Cadillas, Michigan and worked for a few years before coming to Kittson County, MN in 1896. He obtained land in St. Joseph Township on Section 30. He changed his name to Frank Rundqvist before it became Rund "quist."
M: 1898, Anna Maria Ekstrom b. 25 Jan 1880, Red Wing, MN

Rundquist, Frank
B: 10 Mar 1865
E: 1892
D: Nov 1931
M: 1898, Anna Maria Ekstrom d. Mar 1965

Children of Frank Rundquist and Anna Maria Ekstrom:

Oscar Rundquist

Carl Bernard Rundquist (aka Barnie)
B: 28 Feb 1906
D: 30 Jul 1970, heart attack
M: 27 Oct 1937, Violet Margaret Clow, dau of Mr. & Mrs. Thalbert Clow, of Orleans. MN

Children of Carl Bernard Rundquist and Violet Margaret Clow:

Leland Bernard Rundquist
B: 14 May 1940
M: 14 May 1966, Beulah Morse, they had 2 girls 2 boys

Vaughn Marlin Rundquist
B: 02 May 1944
M: 11 Aug 1973, Larenne Cookingham, they had 2 girls

Rita Annabelle Rundquist
B: 18 Aug 1949
M: 29 Jun 1974, Daniel Cole, they had 1 girl

Myrtle Rundquist

Freda Rundquist
M: Gustofson

Ernie Rundquist

Alice Rundquist
M: James Kelley

Palmer Rundquist
B: 02 Jul 1920, St. Joseph Township, Kittson County, MN
D: 22 Sep 2007, Kittson Memorial Healthcare Center, Hallock, MN
M: 31 Jul 1954, Vivian Uppman

Children of Palmer Rundquist and Vivian Uppman:

Noelle Rundquist
M: Richard Swanson

Neil Rundquist
M: Sue