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Rustad, Janine Lori
B: 1958
M: James Peter Moris

FN: Alfred Hagbart Rustad Jr.
MN: Patricia Carrigan

Janine Lori Rustad is married to James Peter Moris, a Pembina rancher and farmer. Their children are Jennifer Mary Moris (1979--), JoEllyn Janine Moris (1983--), Jillyne Patricia Moris (1985--), and Jaclyn Helen Moris (1987--). The Moris girls are all excellent students and athletes and enjoy living on their large North Dakota ranch near Pembina. The Moris family sponsors the Pembina Rodeo, which is an event enjoyed by people in Minnesota, North Dakota and Canada. The descendents of Alfred and Margaret Rustad all owe a deep debt of gratitude to the pioneering spirit of all of the members of the family who homesteaded to North Dakota and Minnesota. .

Children of James Peter Moris and Janine Lori Rustad:

1. Jennifer Mary Moris b. 1979

2. JoEllyn Janine Moris b. 1983

3. Jillyne Patricia Moris b. 1985

4. Jaclyn Helen Moris b. 1987