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Rustad, Michael Lee
B: 09 Jul 1949
M: Chryss Jane Knowles
b. 28 Apr 1957

FN: Alfred Hagbart Rustad Jr.
MN: Patricia Marie Carrigan

Michael Rustad married Chryss Jane Knowles. They have two children, James Knowles Rustad (1978 --) and Erica Knowles Rustad (1984--). James is a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy of Exeter, New Hampshire and will be a college freshman in the Fall of 1998. Erica Knowles Rustad is a ninth grade student, who like her brother, excels in music and academics. Erica was a member of the eighth grade basketball team at South Burlington, Vermont.

Children of Michael Rustad and Chryss Jane Knowles:

1. James Knowles Rustad
B: 24 Nov 1978

2. Erica Knowles Rustad
B: 06 Jan 1984

Education / Profession / Honors

Rustad, Michael

Humboldt High School

University of North Dakota (B.A.)

Maryland (M.A.)

Boston College (Ph.D)

Suffolk University Law School (J.D.)

Harvard University Law School (LL.M)

Professor of Law and Director of High Technology Law, Suffolk University Law School, Boston, MA

Professor Michael Rustad Resume

Professor Michael Rustad Suffolk University Web Page


Awarded the Tom F. Lambert endowed chair at Suffolk.

Student Bar Association Achievement Award

Citizen Citation


Book review of the Trial of Louis Riel