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Olson, Christian
B: Feb 1839, Kristinia County, Norway
E: 1870 to Fillmore County, Minnesota
D: 10 Nov 1910
M: 10 Nov 1871, Olava Unknown d. 16 Jul 1919

There were so many Olsons in the community that they decided to take the name of Sanner

Children of Christian Sanner and Olava Unknown:

Ole Sanner
B: 26 Apr 1875, Fillmore County
D: 03 Jul 1961
M: Caroline (Carrie) Hermanson (sister to Clara). They were daughters of Tron and Heermanson of the Pelan community who had come there in 1894.

Oscar Sanner
B: 24 Jul 1887, Ada
D: 1967, age 79
M: (1) 23 Apr 1916, Clara Hermanson d. 14 Sep 1947
M: (2) 27 Sep 1955, May Davis

Johanna Sanner

Maria Sanner

Nettie Sanner

Emily Sanner

Helga Sanner

Inga Sanner

Agnes Sanner
M: Lind