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Sjostrand, Jonas
B: Jamtland, Sweden
E: 1889
D: 13 Apr 1908, heart attack, 50 years old.
M: (1) Sigrid Pearson d. when Carrie was very young.
M: (2) Ingeborg Monson. She later married Martin P. Nordberg

FN: Unknown
MN: Unknown

Children of Jonas Sjostrand and Sigrid Pearson:

Carrie Sjostrand

Children of Jonas Sjostrand and Ingeborg Monson:

Jennie Sjostrand

Annie Sjostrand

Selma Sjostrand

Esther Sjostrand

Julia Sjostrand

Martin Sjostrand

Elmer Sjostrand

Walter Sjostrand

Chester Sjostrand (twin)
M: 02 Dec 1945, Nancy Anderson

Children of Chester Sjostrand and Nancy Anderson:

DeWayne Sjostrand
M: Linda Wentzel

Children of DeWayne Sjostrand and Linda Wentzel:

Aaron Sjostrand
M: 01 Apr 2005, Erica Johnson

Bethany Sjostrand

Ann Sjostrand

Florence Sjostrand (twin)
D: 10 Jan 1959, age 91
M: Melvin Anderson d. 21 Sep 1955, age 91

Children of Martin P. Nordberg and Ingeborg Monson:

Frida Nordberg

Marvin Nordberg