Stewart, Dugald, Esq
B: 1759, Scotland
D: 05 Aug 1842 and was buried in Malpeque, PEI, Malpeque Peoples Cemetery.
M: 21 Dec 1797, Elizabeth Craig b. 1778 in Princetown, St. John's Island, CAN, died on 09 Nov 1851 and was buried in Malpeque, PE, CAN. They resided at Shipyard Road.

FN: Colonel Robert Stewart
MN: Annabella Stewart

Children of Dugald Stewart, Esq. and Elizabeth Craig:

1, Annabella Stewart
B: 1798
D: 1865
M: 1824, Patrick Cody

2. Matthew Stewart
B: 1800
D: 1843
M: Maria Elliott

3. William Stewart
B: 1802
D: 15 Nov 1843. Buried in Malpeque, PEI
M: Margaret MacGougan

4. Mary Stewart
B: 09 Apr 1805, Shipyard, Princetown, PEI
D: 20 Dec 1877, Searletown, PEI
M: Hon. John M. Wright

5. Robert Stewart
M: Jane MacGougan

6. Charles Stewart
B:1809, Hamilton, PEI
He was a merchant and resided in Cascumpec.

7. Alexander Stewart
B:1812, Hamilton, PEI
D: 20 Apr 1872. Buried in Malpeque, PEI
M: Ann Ramsay

8. John Russell Stewart
B:1815, Hamilton, PEI
D: Chicago, IL, USA
M: Mary Jane Howe

9. Dugald Stewart
B:1819, Hamilton, PEI
D:1893, Chicago, IL, USA
M: Elizabeth Unknown

10. Jane Stewart
B: 1822, Hamilton, PEI
D: 1863, Hamilton, PEI and was buried in Malpeque People's Cemetery, Malpeque, PEI. The cause of death was Diptheria.

11. Elizabeth Stewart
B: 1824, Hamilton, PEI
D: 1867
M: Edmund J. Stewart


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