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Stewart, Little Dugald
B: 1771
D: 03 Nov 1867 and was buried in Malpeque, PEI. Malpeque People's Cemetery
M: Elizabeth Atkinson, born in 1778 in PQ, CAN, died on 09 Feb 1868 and
was buried in Malpeque, PEI, Malpeque People's Cemetery.

FN: Dugald Stewart
MN: Miss Stewart

From Pathways to the Present: A Social History of Hamilton, Prince Edward Island,

"In 1790 two Dugald Stewarts immigrated to the Island from the Kintyre area of Argyllshire, Scotland, on the same ship which sailed for the New World from Scotland. They are not known to have been related to the Stewarts who were already established in the Malpeque-Hamilton area (who also came from Kintyre) or to each other, although they are said to have been members of the same clan, the Stewarts of Appin. Each of them settled on the Shipyard Road in Hamilton, and each obtained land from his neighbour, Dugald Stewart "Esquire."

These two Dugald Stewarts became known as Dugald "Big" and Dugald "Little" to differentiate one from the other and also from Dugald Stewart "Esquire." In later years, when the youngest son, Dugald, of Dugald "Little" became an adult, the father was known as Dugald "Little" Senior."

Children of Dugald Stewart and Elizabeth Atkinson:

1. John Stewart
B: 1800, Hamilton, PEI
D: 1886
M: Abt 1841, Sarah Horseman

2. James Stewart
B:1802, Hamilton, PEI
M: Elizabeth Taylor

3. Margaret Stewart
B:1804, Hamilton, PEI
D:1889 and was buried in Malpeque, PEI,
Malpeque People's Cemetery.

4. George Stewart
B:1807, Hamilton, PEI
D: Abt 1837 at sea.
M: Lilly Ramsay

5. Robert Stewart
B:1808, Hamilton, PEI

6. Barbara Stewart
B: 1810, Hamilton, PEI
D: 1895 and was buried in Malpeque, PEI, Malpeque People's Cemetery.

7. Matthew Stewart
B:1812, Hamilton, PEI

8. Alex Stewart
B: 1815, Hamilton, PEI
D: 1894
M: Ann Bleakney

9. Catherine Stewart
B:1817, Hamilton, PEI
D:1895, Hamilton, PEI. Buried in Malpeque People's Cemetery
M: William Gowland.
She and her husband resided at Elgin, NB.

10. Elizabeth Stewart
B: 1819, Hamilton, PEI
D: 1896, Hamilton, PEI and was
buried in Malpeque, PEI, Malpeque People's Cemetery.

11. Dugald Stewart
B: 1822, Hamilton, PEI
D: 1913. Kelvin Grove, PEI and
was buried in Malpeque, PEI. He was a farmer.


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