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Stewart, Robert, Lieut. Col.
B: 1729, Kintyre, Scotland
D: 1809, Hamstead, Middlesex, England

FN: Rev. Charles Stewart
MN: Annabella Campbell

He saw service in America with the British Army during the Seven Years War (1755-1763) and retired with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. In 1767, when grants of Townships and parts of Townships in St. John's Island were made by the British Government, Lt. Col. Stewart was granted one-half of Township No. 18. He may have visited the Island but did not live there. In 1774 he learned that John Duport, the first Chief Justice of St. John's Island, had died in January of that year, leaving vacant the office of Chief Justice. In December of the same year, through the Earl of Warwick, Lt. Col. Stewart petitioned the British Government to appoint his brother, Peter Stewart of Campbelltown, to the vacant office. This request was granted and early in 1775,

Peter was appointed second Chief Justice of St. John's Island. On 21 Apr 1775, Robert conveyed one-third of his half Township 18 to his brother Peter. This was the only land held by Peter on the Island when he arrived. He was not an original grantee of any land on the Island.

From T.W. Stewart's file notes: He was said to have been a storekeeper in Virginia. He fought in the French and Indian War and was a friend of George Washington.


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