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Sundem, Arne
E: Came from Norway to Hills, Minnesota when he was 18 years old.
D: 28 Aug 1929
M: 24 Jun 1897, Amelia Brevik, b. Iowa, near Dennison. Her family moved to a farm near Luverne, Minnesota d. 19 Jun 1963.


Children of Arne Sundem and Amelia Brevik:

Myrtle Sundem
M: Ralph Kolden

Children of Ralph Kolden and Myrle Sundem:

Eileen Kolden
M: Norman Olson

Children of Norman Olson and Eileen Kolden:

Bernice Olson
M: Garfield Hoversten, they had 5 girls and 2 boys

Barbara Olson
M: Andrew Balerud

Elsie Sundem
M: Elmer Sjostrand

Children of Elmer Sjostrand and Elsie Sundem:

Bonnie Sjostrand

Florence Sundem
M: Marion Osborn

Alvord Sundem
M: Mabel

Children of Alvord Sundem and Mabel:

Bruce Sundem

Arne Sundem

Sonja Sundem
M: Ed Turner

Alvord A. (Sonny) Sundem, Jr.
B: 15 Sep 1931, Lancaster, MN
D: 24 Nov 1999, Hallock, MN
M: Mabel Unknown

Ruby Sundem
M: Ray Gaines

Children of Ray Gaines and Ruby Sundem:

Susan Gaines
M: George Durrie

Pearl Sundem
M: Leonard Lien

Children of Leonard Lien and Pearl Sundem:

Perry Lien

Mayme (Mickey) Lien

Terry Lien, he had 2 sons

Evelyn Sundem
M: Carlson

Clifford Walter Sundem
B: 15 Sep 1916, Lancaster, MN
D: 01 Dec 2000, Portland, OR
M: 1962, Helen Weberg

Children of Clifford Sundem and Helen:

Roger Weberg (step son)

Diane Sugden (step daughter)

Connie Bernstrom (step daughter)

Larry Weberg (step son)

Lori Sundem
M: Perry

Wavel Audrey Sundem
B: 31 Jan 1918, Poppleton County east of Lancaster
D: 08 Oct 2000, at home in Portland, OR
M: 26 Nov 1936, Wilfred Marvin Olson

Children of Wilfred Marvin Olson and Wavel Sundem:

Terry Olson
M: Diana, had 2 sons and 1 daughter

Maureen Olson
M: McDonell, had 4 sons and 1 daughter

Linda Olson
M: Prokopy

Mayme Sundem
M: Merle Terry

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