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Swanson, Charles Perry
B: Abt 1888
D: Oct 1976, age 89
M: Unmarried

FN: Unknown
MN: Unknown

Charles Perry Swanson was 14 years old, the younges of 8 children, when he left his home in Bromolla, Sweden, in 1902. A ticket was sent to himi by his brothers, John and Nels who were already in America. After Perry arrived in Quebec, he crossed Canada to Emerson by train, where his brother, John, met him and took him to Bowesmont, ND. There Perry worked for Nels and John for two years in the store and livery stable they operated.

Around 1908, he left Bowesmont and went to Grand Forks. They for 14 months, 1909-1911, Perry homesteaded a quarter of land at Buffalo, SD, near Belle Fourche.

In 1912, Perry left the prairies and went to Minneapolis where he lived for 13 years. He graduated from the Victor Barbering College there and became a barber. He served in the Army during World War I with a Minneapolis company.

In 1925, Perry returned to Hallock and opened his own barbershop.

Perry spent about 4 months at his home in Sweden in 1922 and visited there again in 1938.

His cousin, Albin Nelson, and his brother live in the Hallock area and John's son and family.