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Swenson, Charley
B: 18 Nov 1873, Vislada, Smoland, Sweden
E: He came to Sven Petersons
D: 1957
M: 06 Sep 1906, Eva Nilson, who also came from Vislada where she was b. 03 Dec 1877 d. 1936


Children of Charley Swenson and Eva Nilson:

Edith Swenson
M: Emil Sjostrand d. 1967

Children of Emil Sjostrand and Edith Swenson:

Floyd Sjostrand

Roger Sjostrand

Marie Sjostrand

Svea Swenson
M: Edward Glad d. 1943

Children of Edward Glad and Svea Swenson:

Dennis Glad

Larry Glad

Doreen Glad

Ruth Swenson (twin)
M: Andrew Bysheim

Children of Andrew Bysheim and Ruth Swenson:

Charles Bysheim

Ruby Swenson (twin)
D: As an infant