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Mr. and Mrs. George Turner moved into Caron R.M. after their marriage in 1924. Mr. Turner is a native of Eng. and Mrs. Turner the daughter of pioneer parents-Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Brown. George served his community on the Westview School Board for many years and as Treas. of the local telephone company for a good many years. The Turners have 2 children - Doris, Mrs. Ed Main at Central Butte, and Keith in Calgary. Both attended Westview and Moose Jaw High School. Keith graduated from the Universities at Saskatoon and London, Ont. He is married and has 3 sons. Doris Main has 5 sons and a daughter-the eldest son, Douglas Johnson, his wife, Gloria and 3 children live on the Turner home farm.

Mrs. Turner's father, W.H. Brown, came from Toronto to Moose Jaw in 1883 at the age of 17 with three of his cousins-Will, Ev, and George Cudmore. Billy Brown and Ev stayed and homesteaded on 18-18-27, which would later be in Moose Jaw R.M. Caron was their town. His shack was the last one a traveller would see between Moose Jaw and Saskatoon. The prairie trail went by the Brown farm. There was wood to be got at the present location of Elbow, and many trips were made with oxen, for poles to build barns which were covered with straw. Mr. Brown batched in a little shack for 8 years before he married Edith who had come west from Collingwood, Ont., with her parents Mr. and Mrs. John Hurlburt in 1886. The Hurlburts lived where Irv Acton lives at present, and later moved near Caron where 2 sons lived-Ase and Heman Hurlburt. They made their home with Ase for a number of years. The first year the Browns were married they had a good crop (1890) and the next year fair and then 2 years no crop. Government assistance was given to needy farmers through a work project. Men were allowed to earn $60 for a single man; and with children, could earn $90. A married man was allowed $75. This was supposed to buy coal, flour, and oatmeal. They dug government ponds where road allowances were surveyed-a landmark until into the 1960's.

Billy Brown, Aaron Tanner, and Bill Robson were prime movers in organizing Westview S.D. in 1899 and Mr. Brown was appointed tax collector. The Brown family were active community supporters and Mr. Brown served on the school and church boards for many years. Mrs. Brown was well known for her ability to assist at the birth of many babies, and often had the situation well in hand before the Dr. arrived. They had 4 sons and 5 daughters, Harry, Elwin, Jack, and Ernest, Minnie, Sadie, Ella, Edith, and Marion. Jack, in Hamilton, Ont., is the only surviving son. Four girls are still living-Mrs. Sadie Sinclair of Toronto, formerly of Keeler, Sask.; Mrs. Ella Turner of Moose Jaw; Mrs. Edith Green, formerly of Archydal; and Mrs. Marion Davis, Iroquois, Ont. Harry Brown was a minister, Elwin served in WWI and later was postmaster at Meadow Lake, Sask. Jack was a chiropractic Dr. and Edith attended Normal School in Moose Jaw.

From Buffalo Trails to Blacktop: A History of R.M. Caron #162 (Caron: The Caron History Book Committee, 1982) pp. 352-353.