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Walstedt, Olof
B: 1852, Skane, Sweden
E: 1880
M: 1887, Augusta Johanson b. 1860 and came to America in 1866


Children of Olof Walstedt and Augusta Johanson:

Carl Walstedt
B: 1888
D: 1937
M: Unmarried

Emil Walstedt
B: 1889
D: 1954
M: Unmarried

Oscar Walstedt
B: 1891
D: 1947
M: Unmarried

Esther Walstedt
B: 1893
D: 1924
M: Unmarried

Mabel Walstedt
B: 1895
D: 1962
M: 1922, Ole Olson

Ella Walstedt
B: 1897
D: 1953

Anna Walstedt
B: 1899
M: 1926, Arthur Hagen d. 1969. They had a boy and a girl.

Children of Arthur Hagen and Anna Walstedt:

DeWayne Hagen

Marlys Hagen
M: Harold Iverson, they had 4 children

Arvid Walstedt
B: 1901
M: 1964, Ethel (Ekvall) Kinshella

Walter Walstedt
B: 1904

Chester Walstedt
B: 1906